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Laboratory Equipment Websites

Contains sites for manufacturers of scientific laboratory equipment, devices, instruments and non-consumable supplies. These products are those typically found in scientific, educational, research, quality assurance, quality control and government laboratories. Manufacturers who also distribute their own and/or other products are listed in this category. Distributors of scientific laboratory equipment are listed in Science/Instruments_and_Supplies/Distributors. Manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices instruments and supplies intended for use in large scale and or industrial manufacturing are listed in Business/ .- Category ID : 424714
1 -

Thermo Scientific

Provides analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents.
2 -

A.KRÜSS Optronic

Manufacturer of high-precision optical measuring instruments. These include polarimeters, refractometers, density meters, microscopes, cold light sources, cameras and thermostats.
3 -

Horiba Instruments

Global manufacturer of analytical, semiconductor, medical diagnostic, and engine measurement instruments.
4 -

JBT Lab presses and equipment

Manufacture and refurbishing of Lab presses, Hydraulic presses, roll mills, mixers, calenders, extruders and special purpose machinery and equipment for the plastics, rubber and processing industries.
5 -

Frazier Precision Instrument Company, Inc.

Designs, manufactures, markets, and services testing and measuring instruments for the aerospace, architectural, automotive, filter, metrology, nonwovens, paper and textile industries.
6 -


Manufactures equipment for measuring colour scales and test method for colour analysis of products.
7 -

Brüel and Kjaer

Manufactures transducers, instruments and software for sound, acceleration, and vibration measurement and analysis.
8 -

Shambhavi Impex

Suppliers and exporters of civil engineering equipment, general scientific instruments, physics and chemistry lab equipment.
9 -


Manufactures fermenters, shakers and several other types of research equipment.
10 -


York Glassware Services is a UK based company manufacturing laboratory equipment and specialist scientific glassware.
11 -


Manufacturer of amino acid analysers, UV/visible spectrophotometers, microplate readers, low volume liquid dispensers and gel electrophoresis equipment. Product information, company profile, news and jobs.
12 -

Hydro Service & Supplies, Inc.

Provides ultrapure water systems for pharmaceutical, biotechnical, microelectronic, industrial, and clinical applications.
13 -

ENV Services

Nationwide testing, certification and decontamination of biological safety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, laminar flow equipment, clean benches and HEPA filter systems. With clean room and laboratory testing, and certification.
14 -


Develops and manufactures hybridization ovens for microarray processing, FlexChem systems for performing high throughput parallel chemistries, Gemini Twin Shaking waterbaths for microplate mixing and heating and TruTemp heaters for microsample incubations.
15 -

Mesa Labs

Manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of test instruments used by health care providers, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and food processing companies world wide.
16 -

Rudolph Research Analytical

A manufacturer the AUTOPOL series of automatic polarimeters, refractometers, saccharimeters and accessories for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical QC lab.
17 -

Health Mart Supply Inc.

Manufacturer of equipment for laboratories, research, medical and science facilities. Specializing in laboratory analyzers, pumps, syringes and CBC blood cell counter parts.
18 -

Data Translation, Inc.

Manufacturer of USB and ethernet data acquisition modules and precision measurement instruments for temperature and high voltage.
19 -

Contherm Scientific Equipment Manufacturer

Manufacturer of ovens, incubators, environmental chambers, water baths, tissue culture and plant growth chambers for industrial and scientific research.
20 -


Delivers instruments, consumables and accessories for laboratory scale analytical and organic chemistry, peptide synthesis,as well as large industry-scale processes.
21 -

LW Scientific

Manufacturer and supplier of microscopes and accessories, centrifuges and other laboratory equipment and supplies.
22 -

Denver Instrument

Manufacturers of lab equipment including analytical balances, pH meters, titrators, moisture analyzers, electrodes, calibration weights, industrial scales and ductless fume hoods.
23 -

Research International

Produces sensors, fluorometers, sample collection devices, and narrow-waveband spectral scanners. Based in Monroe, Washington.
24 -

Experimental Equipment Design, Inc.

Custom scientific apparatus designed and fabricated for industrial, research, development and academic laboratories.
25 -

Jeio Tech Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment, temperature, humidity chambers, dry ovens, incubators, shakers, baths, circulators, temperature and humidity chambers.
26 -

Newport-Scientific, Inc.

High-pressure lab apparatus.
27 -

MGM Instruments Inc.

Luminometer, luminescence, reporter gene assay. Applications include cell and molecular biology research, clinical diagnosis, and drug testing.
28 -


Supplies a series of laboratory dissolvers and mixers
29 -

Constellation Technology Corporation

analytical instruments, instruments, scientific instruments, nuclear instruments, radiation detection, multichannel analyzer, spectrometers,
30 -


Fermenters, homogenizers, freeze dryers, and ultrasonic equipment.
31 -

PRO Scientific Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment: homogenizers, the PRO Scientific Lab Plus Series of rockers, orbital shakers and nutating mixers, memmert ovens, sterilizers, incubators, water and oil baths.
32 -

Boeckeler Instruments

Manufacturer of precision video measuring devices for the industrial, biomedical, and presentation markets.
33 -

QuinTron Instrument

Manufacturer of trace-gas analyzers measuring hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide.
34 -

Paul-Otto Weber GmbH

Offers press tools, modular lab presses, control systems, add-on components and service.
35 -

Chemplex Industries

Specializing in x-ray spectrochemical sample preparation equipment, supplies and accessories.
36 -

CSC Scientific Company Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment including moisture, surface tension, titration and particle size analysers.
37 -

Copley Scientific Ltd.

Catalogue of equipment for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical research and QC/QA lab.
38 -


Specializes in automated measuring equipment with a focus on moisture analysis in plastics, the design and production of glass vacuum systems and automated oil viscometry.
39 -


Laboratory scale technology for the production of multilayer thin films.
40 -

Kibron Inc.

Develops and manufactures instrumentation for surface chemistry, such as tensiometers and Langmuir troughs.
41 -

PAC Petroleum Analyzer Company L.P.

Petroleum testing and analysis equipment, glassware, standards and CRMs.
42 -

Costech Analytical Technologies

Supplier of consumables and elemental analyzers for CHNS-O.
43 -

CE Elantech

Elemental analysis instrumentation.
44 -

Tech Imaging

High speed imaging services and equipment specialists.
45 -

McAllister Technical Services

Manufacturers of surface analytical instruments and devices.
46 -

Research Hardware LLC

Designs and manufactures prototype scientific instruments and accessories for research in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Each instrument is customized to meet the specific needs of the experimenter.
47 -

Panmure Instruments Ltd

Resources for research, design, and manufacture of precision instruments: products include goniometers, rotary sample manipulators; ultra high vacuum work a speciality.
48 -

Shb Instruments, Inc.

Magnetic measurement systems.
49 -

Sonaer Ultrasonics

Manufactures and designs ultrasonic atomizers, nebulizers and processors for laboratories, research facilities, pharmaceutical equipment, general research and industrial process equipment.
50 -

Savillex Corporation Laboratory Products

Laboratory products molded from Teflon for scientific and industrial uses such as vials, jars, filtration, tubes, vessels, impingers, and fittings.
51 -

Data Support CO. Inc.

Rapid moisture/solids analysis, a line of new and reconditioned microwaves and infrared moisture/fat analyzers.
52 -

Sabia Inc.

Manufactures on-line elemental analyzers and services, nuclear analyzers and gauges. Services include source replenishment, radiation safety training, leak tests, gauge relocation, source removal, and full nuclear analyzer maintenance contracts.
53 -

Eon Trading LLC

Manufacturer of dairy related laboratory and technological equipment such as milk analyzers, aggregators and bacteria counters.
54 -

MED Associates Inc

Animal acoustic and behavior research equipment. Startle response chambers.
55 -

IITC inc.

Analgesia testing equipment,restrainers, mouse and rat tail bp, behavioral equipment, activity equipment, rodent restrainers and animal testing equipment
56 -

Paul Goethe

Manufacturer of emission technology, dust measurement, gas determination, gas velocity, and manual gas sampling with dioxin sampling equipment.
57 -

Scientific Glass and Plastic, Inc.

Custom fabrication of thermoplastics and scientific glassware. Serving the chemical industry and environmental labs.
58 -


Portable ultrasonic milk analysers.
59 -

Westco Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Manufacturer of instrumentation and sample prep equipment for environmental and industrial laboratories.
60 -

Samplers Direct

Supplies manual and automatic sampling devices and accessories for use in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industrial laboratories.
61 -

Microtec Nition

Homogenizers, luminometers, zeta potential analyzers and colony pickers.
62 -

ISEC Incorporated

Offers equipment and furniture for all laboratory types such as clinical, chemical, and physics. Find laboratory products and equipment such as fume hoods, casework, testing equipment, safety cabinets, and wood cabinets.
63 -


Inline, benchtop, handheld digital and analog refractometer manufacturer.
64 -

Pneucleus Technologies LLC

Manufacturer of low-cost mass flow controllers specifically designed for applications in gas detection, calibration, monitoring, chromatography and analysis. Other applications include vacuum coating, fiber optics, and anesthesia delivery.
65 -

Excellent Technology Co.

Scientific and industrial lab manufacturer and distributor located in Hong Kong.
66 -

Surface Measurement Systems

A UK based firm offering vapor generator accessories, dynamic vapor sorption instruments, and inverse gas chromatograph equipment.
67 -

SPEX CertiPrep

Sample preparation products and certified reference materials and standards for inorganic and organic spectroscopy and chromatography.
68 -

The CAL2k: Advanced Bomb Calorimeters

Digital Data Systems provides details of their calorimiters and information on their use and the measurement of calorific values.
69 -


Australian manufacturer of laboratory and scientific equipment to ISO 9001 specifications. Product line includes a range of cell culture and incubation products.
70 -

Fire Testing Technology Ltd

Manufacturer of fire testing instruments and software. Supplier to research bodies, government organisations, academic and corporate research centres.
71 -

DC Scientific Glass Inc.

A full-service scientific glassblowing and glassware repair facility offering products and services worldwide in petroleum testing, environmental testing, heating mantles, thermometers, and distillation columns.
72 -

Phoenix Metal Products

Manufacturer of stackable, steel, microscope slide storage cabinets for storage, filing and retrieval of 1x3 glass microscope slides.
73 -

Quality Histology Lab Equipment

Provides information about products such as the tissue embedding center and slide stainer as well as contract development and manufacturing capabilities.
74 -

HD Electronik

XRF sample preparation machines for producing glass fusion beads.
75 -

Caloris Group S.A.

Furnaces for heat treatment, dental laboratories, and calcination of organic materials, as well as ovens, incubators, thermostatic baths, hospital furniture, electro-thermal Soxhlet heating mantles, and Kjeldahl digestion units.
76 -

Glass Agencies

Manufacturers and exporters of glassware and laboratory instruments for physics, electronics, chemistry, and biology.
77 -

Astell Scientific

Manufacturers of autoclaves and sterilizers for laboratory and medical applications.
78 -

Tensor Technologies

Systems for remote control of room lights for use in optics and laser labs.
79 -

Sartorius Ltd.

Suppliers of weighing and filtration products and accessories.
80 -

Sterling Scientific

Offers fluxmeters, plasma sources, and scientific consulting.
81 -

Offers electrodes (ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG) for biology and physiology labs: disposable, reusable, needle electrodes, active electrodes, nerve chambers, electrode leads, and air flow products. MRI-compatible.
82 -


Specialists in laboratory testing equipment for water quality analysis in industrial and scientific settings. Based in South Africa.
83 -

Marsap Services Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturers of analytical instruments, including balances, petrochemical, and biological equipment. Located in Mumbai, India.
84 -

Bioscreen C MBR homepage

A proven precision incubator and a culture growth monitoring instrument (OD reader) for up to 200 samples. Also the source for consumables and information regarding the instrument.
85 -


Manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of laboratory equipment, educational instruments and scientific glassware. Ambala Cantt, Haranya, India.
86 -

Darwin Chambers Company

Manufacturer of incubators, thermal cycling chambers, environmental chambers, and stability chambers.
87 -

Totech America Corporation

Desiccant dry cabinet supplier. Capable of maintaining constant 1-50% RH levels via a digital control panel, without the use of nitrogen. Totally self contained.
88 -

New England Laboratory Casework Co., Inc.

A laboratory furniture and equipment supplier offering in lab benches, adjustable laboratory shelving, and laboratory chairs.
89 -

Xpansion Instruments

Manufacturer of rheological equipment and products utilizing extensional rheology. Applies to solid tensile, tear, peel and friction testing of polymeric materials in physical material characterizations.
90 -


Includes information about its homogenizers, shakers, magnetic stirrers with and without heating, colony counters, analytical balances as well as consumables such as gloves, plus rubber and silicone stoppers.
91 -

Fire Litigation Support and Fire Testing

GBH International provides fire litigation support, codes and standards assistance, contract fire testing and research and sells fire testing instruments.
92 -

Shimadzu Corp.

Manufacturer of balances and scales for laboratory and industrial applications, aircraft components, medical devices, spectroscopy and other laboratory instruments.
93 -

Empore (3M Brand)

Filtration products for the lab, 96 well plate filters, extraction and sealing devices.
94 -

Parr Instrument Company

Manufacture and sale of combustion bombs, calorimeters, chemical reactors, pressure vessels and related equipment.
95 -


Sells instrumentation for food science, pharmaceuticals, automotive industry and environmental studies. Page includes list of products.
96 -


Process instrumentation company specializing in moisture sensors, analyzers, meters, hygrometers and probes for on-line humidity and dewpoint.
97 -


Manufacturer of a range of instruments, equipment and systems, standard and novel developments for entomological, environmental and agricultural research.
98 -

VTI Corporation

Designs and manufactures instruments in the field of adsorption studies. Products include gravimetric and volumetric instruments, vapor generators, and microcalorimeters. Florida, USA.
99 -

Laboratory Synergy, LLC

North American distributor of laboratory supplies including vacuum pumps, electrodes and fume hoods for titration, distillation, digestion and extraction.
100 -

Remi Laboratory Instruments

Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory equipment including stirrers, centrifuges, cabinets, freezers and shakers.
101 -

ACMAS Technocracy (Pvt.) Ltd.

Indian company manufacturing and exporting a wide range of science laboratory instruments and equipment.
102 -

Handley Analytical Services

An XRF supplier of consumables, sample preparation equipment, and provide service, repair, calibration and application support of WDXRF spectrometers.
103 -

Thermoline Scientific

Temperature and humidity controlled testing chambers, ovens, chillers, rooms and enclosures, laboratory temperature and humidity controlled chambers.
104 -

Medica Instrument Mfg. Co.

Manufacturer of scientific and medical equipment including autoclaves, ultrasonic baths, vacuum products, culture jars, water baths, slide trays and cabinets.
105 -

Pacific Combustion Engineering

Laboratory equipment supplier. Product range includes baths, freezers, furnaces, incubators, kilns, ovens and refrigerators.
106 -

Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc

Designer and manufacturer of the SHEL LAB line of products. These include water baths, incubators, cabinets, ovens and bactron chambers.
107 -

Bosworth Instrument

Wholesale distributor of test meters used in laboratories, industry, safety compliance and environmental monitoring.
108 -

Bio Technics (India)

Manufacturer of laboratory and scientific instruments including hot plates, furnaces, ovens, autoclaves, incubators and water baths.
109 -

Membrane Solutions

Provider of micro porous membrane products, technologies and services.
110 -

Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Pvt. Ltd

Manufacturers and exporters of scientific, laboratory and hospital equipment. The range of products include physics and chemistry lab equipment, laboratory consumables, laboratory glassware and surgical equipment.
111 -

Labinco Laboratory Instruments

Designer, manufacturer and exporter of general laboratory equipment for stirring, heating, mixing, vibro-shaking, shaking, rotating, rolling and pumping.
112 -

Lab Armor

Manufacturer of Bath Armor waterless water bath beads, Wear Armor, an antimicrobial black lab coat and Spray Armor, an antimicrobial and decontaminate for science research labs.
113 -

Esco Group of Companies

Global life sciences tools provider active in laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical equipment.
114 -

Analytical Instruments

Distributor of medical diagnostic products and reagents, analytical equipment and instrumentation, animal husbandry products and general laboratory products, consumables and chemicals throughout Sri Lanka.
115 -

Business-to-business publisher that supplies strategically relevant news to the laboratory equipment industry. Free newsletter available.
116 -

Kebby Industries Inc.

Vial Crimper and Decapper hand tools and equipment for crimping aluminum seals on crimp-top vials and bottles. Hand held and bench top models available.
117 -

SKS Science

Manufacturer and exporter of labware containers, closures, scales, balances and lab supplies.
118 -

Geneva Scientific

Manufacturer of laboratory equipment includes sterilizers, incubators, environmental growth chambers, glassware washers and dryers, rack, cage and tunnel washers, plant growth rooms, fume hoods and casework.
119 -

Thermtest Inc.

Manufacturer of thermal conductivity equipment and measurement services as well as thermal resistivity, specific heat and thermal diffusivity testing services.
120 -

Pharmacal Research Laboratories Inc.

Manufacturers of sanitation products developed exclusively for the laboratory animal science field.
121 -


Indian company manufacturing and exporting a wide range of laboratory equipment.
122 -

Netzsch-Gerätebau GmbH.

Developer and manufacturer of high-precision instruments for thermal analysis and thermophysical properties measurement, as well as offering commercial testing services.
123 -

All World Scientific

A full-line scientific supplier offering laboratory equipment with a focus on wine testing.
124 -

Pulse Instrumentation Ltd.

International distributor of consumables and repair parts for segmented flow analysers and other laboratory equipment.
125 -

Torrey Pines Scientific

Manufacturing company specializing in hot plates, magnetic stirrers, and other analog and digital chilling and heating equipment for use in chemical, biotech, environmental and biomedical research laboratories.
126 -

In Vitro Technologies

Australian company specialising in the sale and support of scientific, clinical diagnostic, medical and other related technology tools, equipment and consumables.
127 -

Ganesh Scientific Industries

Manufacturer, stockiest and supplier of scientific and laboratory instruments, based in Mumbai, India.
128 -

MSI Laboratory Products

Supply, installation and relocation of laboratory equipment, and online distributor of a wide range of laboratory products.
129 -

Advantage Molding Supplies Inc.

Manufacturer and distributors of autosampler vials and other chromatography supplies.
130 -

Edutek Instrumentation

Manufacturer and exporter of scientific instruments, laboratory glassware and equipment, and a range of other scientific, medical and educational products. Haryana, India.
131 -

Jambu Pershad & Sons

Manufacturer and exporter of a range of scientific, laboratory and educational instruments and equipment. Ambala, India.
132 -

Sterlitech Corporation

Manufacturers specializing in inorganic filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries.
133 -

Omni International

Offers a wide range of laboratory homogenizers, including rotor-stator, ultrasonic, bead mill and multi-sample generators.
134 -

Iris Sample Processing

Manufacturer of rapid processing centrifuges and blood analysis products for hospitals, laboratories and veterinary clinics.
135 -

Bharat Instruments and Chemicals

Indian manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory instruments, equipment, chemicals and glassware.
136 -

Optics Technology

Manufacturing, supplying and exporting company from India offering a range of laboratory instruments and equipment.
137 -

Devale Engineering

Manufacturers of laboratory equipment including steam, fluid mechanics, hydraulic machinery, heat and mass transfer and instrumentation laboratory systems, computerized test benches and trainers.
138 -


Manufacturer of analytic and semi-analytic scales, infrared moisture analyzers, pH meters, conductivity meters, melting point meters, water purifiers and TOC analyzers. English and Portuguese.
139 -

Dionis-Elena Ltd

Manufacturer and exporter of apparatus for the analysis of grapes, wine materials, wine and alcoholic drinks. Also designs and equips laboratories, supplies laboratory and decorative glass, apparatus and reagents and provides systems for deionizing and distilling water. In Greek and English.
140 -

Lab Expo

Manufacturers of scientific and laboratory instruments including microscopes, micropipettes, autoclaves, balances, centrifuges and spectrophotometers.
141 -

Osaw Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer and exporter of scientific educational equipment and agro industry equipment including moisture meters and seed graders. Haryana, India.
142 -

XDry Corp.

North America based manufacturer and importer of desiccant dry cabinets capable of maintaining a stable 0.5% RH. Suitable for anywhere that a controlled low or ultra low humidity is required. Provides details of applications.
143 -


Marketplace for laboratory equipment and supplies. Sellers can display their products and buyers can see what is available. Includes product profiles, videos and PDF downloads from global suppliers.
144 -

Rudolph Instruments

Designer, developer and manufacturer of polarimeters, ellipsometers, saccharimeters, refractometers, accessories and HPLC columns.
145 -

Dactec Ltd.

Irish company offering sale and service of temperature and humidity chambers, sterilisers and incubators made by Votsch, LMS and Carbolite. Also offers validation and repair of cabinets.
146 -

Skylab Instruments & Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing, marketing, exporting and servicing of stability test chamber, scientific lab instruments, blood bank equipment and laboratory equipment. Mumbai, India.
147 -

Cincinnati Analytical Instruments

Manufacturer of VOC analysis autosamplers using vacuum distillation, the most accurate method for VOC analysis in difficult matrices.
148 -

Lab Systems Group Pty. Ltd

Australian company specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of laboratory and clean room equipment including fume cupboards, ductless fume cabinets, fans and associated equipment.
149 -

Vision Micro Systems

Manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of scientific instruments, microscopes, lab equipment, digital weighing balances and biotechnology lab instruments. Kolkata, India.
150 -

GLS Systems India

Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory equipment, instruments and chemicals.
151 -

Technosearch Instruments

Supplier of IR, FTIR and HPLC accessories, and colour matching accessories. India.
152 -

Burrell Scientific, LLC

Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory shakers, gas analyzers, thermocouple welders and Severs extrusion rheometers.
153 -

Zematra Marine

Manufacturer of monitoring equipment including water, density, viscosity, acidity and stability test kits and sampling equipment.
154 -

Hexatec Instruments Pvt.Ltd.

Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory instruments and equipment. Mumbai, India.
155 -

Brite Technologies

Offers, spectrophotometers, analytical instruments, general laboratory instruments and turnkey projects related to life sciences, chemistry, spectroscopy, biotechnology, biomedical, and analytical applications.
156 -

Control Company

Manufacturers equipment and scientific instruments for facilities and laboratories in the industrial, biomedical, hospital, educational and governmental markets. Includes list of products.
157 -

Laboratory Equipment and Measuring Industrial System

Sells and develop meters to measure density, concentration, viscosity, alcohol and light refraction. Applications include medicine, material science, petro industries and the food industry. In Russian and English. Located in Riga, Latvia.
158 -

SAE Ibertest

Design and manufacture equipment and instrumentation for materials testing, environmental analysis, and educational and mobile laboratories. Spain.
159 -


Manufacturer of air treatment equipment for laboratories including isolators, laminar flow modules, safety cabinets, animal vented cabinets and custom equipment. Also offers research and development services. In French and English.
160 -

Sterling Manufacturing Co.

Manufacturers and exporters of scientific laboratory instruments, biological models, lab glassware and microscopes. Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India.
161 -

LEMIS Process

International manufacturing and service organization that specialises in the design and supply of a full range of Density Meters, Viscosity Meters, Level Meters and combined Density and Level solutions.
162 -

Angstrom Advanced Inc.

Manufacturer of scientific instruments for academic and industrial applications including ellipsometers, gas generators, atomic force microscopes, X-ray diffraction equipment and X-ray flaw detectors.
163 -

T&W Industry Co Ltd.

Manufacturer of hydrometers, thermometers and timers, based in Ningbo, China.
164 -

Winex Corporation

Developer and manufacturer of nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, relaxometers and scanning electron microscopes.
165 -

Kshitij Innovations

Manufacturer and wholesale supplier of a wide range of laboratory equipment and glassware.
166 -

Kay Kay Global Suppliers

Manufacturer of glassware, microscopes, physics instruments, analytical instruments, electronics training kits and other equipment, and distributor of Edibon technical teaching equipment in India.
167 -

Shri Yash Chemical Industries

Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory equipment, based in Solapur, India. Also deals in dehydrated media, liquid industrial chemicals, industrial minerals, lab chemicals and other supplies.
168 -

HuiXia Supply

Manufacturer and exporter of refractometers including hand held, digital, ABBE and gem hand held instruments. Based in Fujian, China.
169 -

Sai Enterprises

Manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of scientific instruments. Mumbai, India.
170 -


Online supplier of laboratory consumables, glass, balances, chemicals, reagents, agitators, supplies and equipment.
171 -

Gasera Ltd

Developers of high precision measuring equipment for the analysis of gases, liquids and solid materials. Technology solutions are based on photo-acoustic spectroscopy and the Fourier transform infrared principle.
172 -

MarketLab Inc.

Hundreds of unique and hard-to-find products for the clinical laboratory.
173 -

Chemglass Life Sciences

Manufacturer of scientific and chemistry products and supplier of a line of chromatography vials and closures and cell and tissue culture products.
174 -

Vinay Trading Company

Manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of scientific educational lab equipment for schools and colleges worldwide.
175 -


Suppliers of nondestructive testing equipment, ultrasonic thickness gauges, coating thickness gauges, durometers, force gauges, hardness testers and other testing and measuring instruments.
176 -

Electronics India

Manufacturer and supplier of scientific laboratory instruments including spectrophotometers, flame photometers, electrochemistry instruments, microscopes and water analysis kits.
177 -

Mack Pharmatech

Designer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment including walk-in chambers, incubators, freezers, ovens, humidity and cold chambers.
178 -

SR Lab Instruments

Manufacturers of a range of scientific testing instruments, process control instruments, autoclaves, BOD incubators, deep freezers, dehumidifiers, laboratory ovens and water baths.
179 -

NuAire, Inc.

Designer and manufacturer of biological safety cabinets, animal handling products, CO2 incubators, isolators, freezers and fume hoods.
180 -

R&D Instrument Services

Design and manufacture of precision calibration instruments to be used on-site as well as in the lab.
181 -

Yamato Scientific America Inc.

Manufacturer of scientific and laboratory equipment. Product line includes lab ovens, vacuum ovens, incubators, autoclave sterilizers, muffle furnaces, rotary evaporators, shakers and spray dryers.
182 -


Manufacturers and suppliers of TEKNIK brand scientific and laboratory instruments. The range includes microtomy, microscopy, visual eqiuipment, heat and refrigeration equipment and analytical instruments.
183 -


Offers instrument repair, maintenance, calibration and validation services. Also has some laboratory products for sale, including sterilizers and used equipment. In German and English.
184 -

Naugra Export

Manufacturer and supplier of scientific and laboratory equipment including physics, biology and chemistry instruments, labware, lab glassware, microscopes, hospital equipment and hospital furniture.
185 -

Roga Instruments

Offers data loggers and sensors for vibration measurement, process automation, sound analysis, vibration analysis, control applications and engine control.
186 -

Aqua Solutions

Manufacturer of laboratory water purification systems including Type I Ultra-Pure, Type II DI and Type III RO systems in the USA with worldwide export.
187 -

Shivam Instruments

Manufacturer of a range of laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and testing instruments.
188 -

Labocon Systems

Supplier of a wide range of analytical instruments, lab equipment and supplies.
189 -


Suppliers to the scientific community of laboratory equipment, plasticware, glassware, reagents, autoradiography products and Drosophila supplies.
190 -

Premier Controls

Manufacturer and supplier of scientific equipment including ph electrodes, emission monitors, diaphragm pumps, sample gas coolers and gas detectors.
191 -

Apollo Co, Ltd

Chinese company mainly dedicated to optic fiber communication, laser technology, sensing and automatic control.
192 -

PhyMetrix, Inc.

Manufacturer and supplier of advanced sensing and measurement instruments including moisture analyzers.
193 -

Menzel Vision and Robotics Pvt. Ltd.

Indian distributor of imaging systems, high speed and infrared cameras, accessories and software..
194 -

Test and Measurement Instruments C.C.

Suppliers of various brands of testing equipment into Southern Africa.
195 -

Laboratory Precision Ltd.

Manufacturer of vial crimpers and decappers, also offering online sales of vials and bottles, laboratory balances, and clean air compressors. Includes product specifications and profile of company in Daventry, England. Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory and cosmetic packing equipment and consumables
196 -

KP Technology Ltd

Surface analysis experts, providing scanning and UHV Kelvin Probes (a vibrating probe which measures the work function of materials).
197 -

Elemental Microanalysis Ltd.

Products related to aspects of organic elemental analysis, including consumables, instruments, servicing, and contract analysis.
198 -

Climatic Services

Climatic and environmental test equipment specialists. Test chamber hire, calibration, sales and service.
199 -


Designer and manufacturer of controlled atmosphere gloveboxes, gas purifiers and solvent purification systems used in university research labs and industrial applications.
200 -

HTL Lab Solutions

Manufactures pipettes, tips, syringe dispensers, liquid handling instruments, and burettes. Located in Warsaw, Poland.

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