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Palynology Websites

Palynology is the science that studies fossil palynomorphs which are organic-walled microfossils between 5 and 500 micrometres in size. These include pollen and spores and other particulate organic matter found in sedimentary rocks and sediments. Palynology can be applied in many fields of study including geology, botany, paleontology, archaeology and geography.- Category ID : 424032
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Canadian Association of Palynologists

Covers all branches of palynology from the Paleozoic through the Quaternary.
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Palynology at the University of Arizona

Featuring links, definitions, illustrations, and a "Pollen Grain of the Month".
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American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists

A non-profit organization that promotes education and research in the science of palynology, the study of spores, pollen and certain algae.
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Palynology and Organic Petrology

Worldwide research and consultancy in palynology and organic petrology at Trinity College Dublin, especially on the Devonian and Carboniferous. Ph.D. projects and publications.
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Florida Museum of Natural History

Paleobotanical and palynological holdings of the museum. Site contains type collection information, publications data and image gallery.
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World Wide Web Sites for Palynologists

A collection of Palynology links.
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NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - Modern and Fossil Pollen Data

A searchable collection of pollen data from around the world
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Information from Wikipedia on this branch of science that studies organic microfossils including pollen and spores, its history, methods of study and applications.
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PalDat: Palynological Database

Provides a database and comprehensive resource on pollen and palynology.
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Searchable palynological database from the Department of Ultrastructure Research and Palynology, University of Vienna, Austria.
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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Palynology

Provides information on current research into the study of pollen which provides important information about plant taxonomy, evolution, pollination and plant breeding.
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Popweb: Corylus avellana (Hazel)

Information on the common hazel, the first of the temperate deciduous forest trees to immigrate, establish itself and then become abundant in the postglacial period.
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