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Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification. This category is for sites about the taxonomy of living and extinct organisms. It includes classical Linnaean taxonomy and phylogenetic taxonomy or cladism, which groups taxa using derived traits.- Category ID : 422952
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DELTA: Description Language for Taxonomy

A flexible format for encoding taxonomic descriptions for computer processing. It can be used to produce natural-language descriptions, conventional or interactive keys, classifications, and information-retrieval systems.
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Taxonomy and Systematics at Glasgow

About taxonomy and systematics at the University of Glasgow, with links to other internet resources on these subjects.
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Fairchild Tropical Garden Virtual Herbarium

Includes photos of more than 50,000 plant, palm, cycad and other cultivated tropical plants from Florida and taxonomic information on grasses, especially bamboos, and other economically important and interesting plants.
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Systema Naturae 2000

An up-to-date historical cross-referenced classification of life based on original authoritative scientific literature.
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Universal Biological Indexer and Organizer

A networked information service for biological information resources, based upon the Taxonomic Name Server, a thesaurus of taxonomic information.
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Tree of Life

A project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. The information is linked together in the form of the evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other.
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Integrated Taxonomic Information System

Authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world.
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Biomedical Ontology

About two dozen links collected by the Ontology Project at the philosophy department of State University of New York at Buffalo.
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Information from Wikipedia on the practice and science of classification, the arrangement of organisms in a hierarchical structure.
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Is it Time to Revise the System of Scientific Naming?

Article from National Geographic News arguing that the taxonomic classification system devised by Linnaeus is outdated by genetic research that shows that morphological similarities are not necessarily proof of evolutionary relatedness.
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NCBI Taxonomy Homepage

Provides a taxonomy browser, taxonomy resources and other information.
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Learn Plants Now

Strategies and tips for learning how to identify plants in the field. Introduction to botanical terms, checklist for plant identification, recommended resources.
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European Consortium for the Barcode of Life

Project for DNA barcoding from a European perspective. List of European research institutes and researchers involved. Importance of DNA barcoding for taxonomy, the science of categorizing life forms.
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American Society of Plant Taxonomists

Promotes research and teaching in the taxonomy, systematics, and phylogeny of vascular and nonvascular plants.

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