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Provides reference webpages and tools for biological sciences.
Some examples would be lists of constants, measurement conversions, online calculators, formula tables, exact time, properties of materials, technical standards, data, glossaries and acronyms.- Category ID : 422944
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Bio Explorer

This site shares biological Web Resources ranging from DNA to Plants & Animals and it is developed specially for the researchers involved in biological studies.
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Community of Science

Network of scientists and their institutions geared toward publicizing research, collaboration, and funding opportunities - from Johns Hopkins Univ.
3 -

Biology Online

Dictionary, links and tutorials on cell biology, genetics, genetics and evolution, control of growth and development, regulation of biological systems, adaptation and freshwater ecology.
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Genomics Glossaries

Genomic terminology defined and hierarchically related, from Cambridge Healthtech Institute. Emphasis is on biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications, proteomics, informatics, technologies, instrumentation and molecular biology.
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Model Organisms WWW Virtual Library

Guide to web resources for all major model organisms, including Drosophila (fly), C. elegans (worm), mouse, zebrafish, E. coli, Dictylostelium, and Arabidopsis.
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Cell and Molecular Biology Online

An all-around reference site for the field with educational, technical, and professional net resources.
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Biology Glossary

Definitions for about 400 biotechnology terms, from Bio-Informer software.
8 -

Science Advisory Board

An international community of scientific and medical experts, representing hundreds of countries and disciplines: molecular biologists to cardiac surgeons, from biochemists to nurse managers.
9 -

AllExperts Biology Q&A

Directory of scientists and scholars volunteering to answer questions in a variety of biological fields.
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Aims to promote the sharing of information among researchers and groups who are working in biology and biological engineering. Provides information on labs and groups, courses, protocols and blogs.
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Biology Reference

Explains biological concepts in hundreds of illustrated articles arranged alphabetically.
12 -

Ecology Dictionary

Provides definitions of words used in the study of ecology to enable people to better understand discussions on environmental subjects.
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Information Hyperlinked over Proteins

iHOP is a free service that provides a network of genes and proteins as a route to accessing millions of abstracts in PubMed.
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Text and similarity searching of the GenBank sequence database provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).
15 -

Biology, Geography and Health

Provides 36+ million biology, geography and health sciences articles from the beginning of the 18th century.
16 -

BioScience WebRing

Features websites that contain biological information or resources for biologists, zoologists, or botanists.
17 -

Virtual Library: Biosciences

Directory of the Virtual Library, an expert-run catalog of sections of the web.
18 -

Macro Evolution

This collection of over 1000 biological terms and definitions is available for quick reference
19 -

Biology Dictionary

Provides definition and examples of common biology terms, including molecular and cell biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, and ecology.
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Provides a free, concise, illustrated dictionary of biology. The entries are listed alphabetically.
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Basic Biology

A general biology reference site.
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Understand Biology helps everyone to clearly grasp the essence of concepts in biology
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