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Living Systems Websites

These sites are from companies that collect, grow, maintain or distribute for sale living organisms for research or laboratory purposes. This includes genetically manipulated animals, plants, bacteria, fungi and algae.
It also includes companies that provide products and services for keeping living organisms for research or laboratory purposes.- Category ID : 422937
1 -

J and J Aquafarms

Supplier of aquatic research organisims. Guaranteed live shipment anywhere.
2 -

Charles River Laboratories

Assist in the development of high quality, genetically characterized transgenic animal colonies.
3 -

K-Bar Livestock

Domestic livestock to the biomedical research community.
4 -


Specialists in the management of in-vitro diagnositic and genomic clinical studies, maintains on-site, FDA registered biological specimen repository.
5 -

Kent Scientific Corporation

Rodent pharmacology and physiology research supplies, including cardiovascular and respiratory monitoring, isolated organ and tissue systems, data acquisition systems, and surgical instruments.
6 -


Reconstitution of human epidermis and epithelia for in vitro pharmacology and toxicity testing applications.
7 -

National Human Neural Stem Cell Resource

A repository for brain and other tissues and cell lines from individuals with developmental disorders.
8 -

Zoological Live Animal Suppliers

Supplier for zoos and game parks, mostly African mammals, some birds and reptiles. Also handling equipment and services.
9 -

The Jackson Laboratory

Suppliers of mouse models in the quantities needed to support biomedical research.
10 -

Alpha Genesis Inc.

Specialist organization providing primates for research and supplying primate research support services.
11 -

4B Livestock

USDA licensed facility offering the supply of bovine, ovine, caprine and porcine models for the biomedical research community.
12 -

Bio Breeders Inc

Supplier of specialized and appropriate hamster models for human diseases.
13 -

Elm Hill Labs

A supplier of guinea pigs exclusively for the research community.
14 -

Marshall BioResources

An international breeder of animals for biomedical research.
15 -

Clear H2O

Maine-based technology company meeting the needs of leading industry researchers and breeders with products that hydrate, nourish and enrich research animals.
16 -

Specimen Central

A global hub where biomedical researchers and biobanks meet to exchange bio-specimen needs and supply.
17 -

Supplies various non-human primate bio-products to researchers.
18 -

Research Diets: BioDAQ

Food and water intake monitor for lab rats and mice using load cell technology and computer software.
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