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Contains sites for distributors of a range of life sciences products such as biochemicals, reagents, kits, laboratory equipment and supplies.- Category ID : 422935
1 -

Laboratory Equipment

Distributor of equipment, supplies, and services for biotechnology research market. Provides product and technical application information.
2 -


Supplying and manufacturing laboratory supplies, test tubes, blood collection, specimen containers and single use laboratory products. Based in UK.
3 -

Beckman Coulter

Manufacturer and distributor of biomedical testing instrument systems, general biomedical research products that simplify and automate laboratory processes. Company is based in Fullerton, California.
4 -

Aniara Corporation

Distributor of biotechnology products for hemostasis, thrombosis, and autoimmunity diagnostic and research use. Provides company profile overview, product technical support and ordering information.
5 -


Develops and manufactures specialized equipment for wildlife research. Company is based in Australia.
6 -

Science Kit

Biology education supplies. Distributor of biology kits, supplies and instruments for school and college education.
7 -

Science Equipment and Supplies

Distributor of science products, classroom kits, models, instruments, and lab supplies.
8 -

AMS Biotechnology Europe

UK based life science distribution company supplying research products for genomics, proteomics and immunology.
9 -


Manufacturers and distributes peptide synthesizers and the PKA Bioanalytical Lab. Provides product line description and contact information.
10 -

World Precision Instruments

Distributes a variety of instruments for life science research. Offers online ordering and technical support information.
11 -


Biomedical research supply information source. Yellow pages for life science and biomedical research products. Order catalogs and browse product lines from suppliers of reagents, and laboratory equipment.
12 -


Offers biological product reviews, comparative product information and purchasing aids for general lab supplies and instrumentation.
13 -

Sandown Scientific

Suppliers and distributors of scientific products for behavioral research, providing comprehensive instrumentation and software for research in behavioural science.
14 -

Gulf of Maine

Collects and supplies live and preserved cold-water Atlantic marine animal and plant specimens for use in research and educational applications.
15 -

Tritech Research

Distributes instruments and supplies for molecular biology research. Provides manufacturer product information.
16 -

BioAmerica Inc

Multinational company with offices and distributors in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Includes list of manufacturers represented, contact information, and on-line catalog.
17 -


Manufacturer and distributor of biological science education products. Provides catalog and product application information.
18 -


Major distributor and manufacturer of various chemical compounds for life sciences research, including biochemicals, organic chemistry products, large scale chemicals, and contract manufacturing. Offers online ordering system and compound property description.
19 -


Company offers over a thousand integrated products, assays and kits to help researchers successfully explore gene, protein and cellular interactions. Offers products for advanced biological research. Provides research data and technical product information.
20 -

Molecular tools, chemicals, autoradiography supplies, exam gloves, plastic consumables and laboratory equipment.
21 -

USB Corporation

Supplier and distributor of biochemicals and molecular biology products for basic research. Offers brands such as ExoSAP-IT for PCR Clean-up, USB Taq, modifying enzymes, sequenase, and thermo sequenase kits.
22 -

Thomas Scientific

Laboratory and scientific supplies. Distributes laboratory supplies, equipment and chemicals.
23 -

Voigt Global Distribution

Supplier and distributor of life sciences products and reagents for application in microbiology, histology, and botanical research fields.
24 -


Provider of physiology experimentation instrumentation products for studying neurology, muscle physiology, and electrocardiography.
25 -

Cedarlane Labs

Canada-based distributor products for immunology, molecular biology, cell Biology, and neurobiology. Specializes in large scale compound manufacturing.
26 -

The Nest Group

Distributor of HPLC columns, micro dialysis membranes and kits, equilibrium dialysis plates, and other products for general use in analytical and bio-chemistry laboratory.
27 -


Distributor of over 70,000 antibodies, antigens, and biochemicals, including custom media, custom antibodies, and molecular biology kits and reagents.
28 -

AGTC Bioproducts

European supplier and distributor of biological compounds and equipment, provides online catalog with general laboratory equipment, instruments, and assay kits.
29 -

Stretton Scientific UK

Suppliers and distributors of genomic analysis products. Provides online software demo. Based in UK.
30 -


Manufactures and distributes products for a wide range of technologies including proteomics, real time PCR, electrophoresis, imaging, immunoassay, chromatography, microbiology, amplification, clinical informatics, microplate automation, immunofluorescence, molecular and cell biology.
31 -

Cayman Chemical

Worldwide distributor and supplier of biochemicals and research products for cancer research, neuroscience, endocrinology, and oxidative injury research. Provides technical support data and catalog order option.
32 -

Research Organics

Supplier and distributor of biochemicals for molecular biology, cloning applications, cell culture, diagnostic chemicals, and biological buffer compound production. Offers online catalog and chemical compound technical information.
33 -


Distributor of life-science-based kits and reagents to academic and research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and diagnostics companies. Specializes in supplying products, systems and services for the study and production of proteins.
34 -

Professional Biotech

Indian distributor of biotechnology products, Real Time PCR instruments, kits, and reagents.
35 -

Quintech Scientific

Distributor of petroleum testing equipment and life science laboratory equipment in the Asia Pacific.
36 -

Leigh Laboratories

Distributor of biomedical laboratory equipment and supplies. Includes online catalog and product support information.
37 -

Light Labs

Distributes laboratory supplies and products for research applications in molecular and cell biology.
38 -


Distributes laboratory equipment for molecular biology applications from such manufacturers as Nanodrop and FMBio.
39 -

Spectrum Pharma-Quip

Distributor of safety supplies for research laboratory.
40 -

SciTrove Inc.

Marketing and distributing company in Japan for products in the field of life sciences research and development. [Japanese and English]
41 -


Distributor of life science products. Products include centrifuges, homogenizers, and specialized PCR products. Includes product technical information, company and contact information.
42 -


Indian distributor of life sciences research products and diagnostic kits.
43 -

UK BioSupply

Distributor of life science reagents and immunoassay kits in UK.
44 -

Precision Technologies Pte Ltd

Singapore supplier and distributor of scientific equipment and reagents.
45 -


Provider of PCR products, enzymes and reagents. Includes information for researchers, distributors and resellers.
46 -

Scientific and Laboratory Instruments Supplier

Singapore distributor of laboratory, industrial and basic weighing scales and microscopes. Provides product support and technical documentation.
47 -

Funakoshi Co, Ltd

Supplier and distributor of life science research reagents and instruments on Japanese market.
48 -

MP Biomedicals

Distributor of chemical compounds and equipment for life sciences research and production. Provides product support information and online catalog.
49 -

Shield Scientific

Manufacturer of nitrile and latex disposable gloves for laboratory and cleanroom application.
50 -

Solis BioDyne

Developing and manufacturing life science reagents and kits for molecular biology applications.
51 -

Gentaur Molecular Products

Distributor of supplies for genomic DNA, RNA, tissue lysates and sections, microarrays, immunohistochemistry, both Northern and Western blotting.
52 -

Cadama Medical Ltd

Distributor of laboratory equipment and reagents for molecular and cellular biology labs.
53 -

Phenix Research Products

Distributes consumables, equipment, and support products for PCR, tissue culture and genomic research applications.
54 -

ClorDiSys Solutions

Manufacturer and distributor of decontamination and sterilization products and equipment.
55 -

Applied Bioscience

Indian distributor of molecular diagnostics kits and a wide range of lifescience research products.
56 -

Oxford Biomedical Research, Inc.

Manufacturer and world wide distributor of life science research products for measuring oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Provides online catalog, technical and product support information.
57 -

Bio Research Supplies

Distributor of bulk quantities of life sciences laboratory supplies and equipment.
58 -

Newcomer Supply

Distributor of histology laboratory supplies for clinical and research histology laboratories. Provides product support information, catalog, ordering, and online technical support.
59 -


Distributors of a wide range of life science research products.
60 -


Supplier of research products for molecular biology research, specialized on restriction enzymes and kits for molecular biology applications.
61 -

Europa Bioproducts Ltd

Distributor of biochemicals and glycobiology reagents in Europe. Product line includes phycobiliproteins, recombinant antigens, antibodies, IPTG, X-Gal flow cytometry reagents. Provides marketing and product support information.
62 -

Laboratory Supply House

Distributor of supplies including reagents, specimen collection products, consumables and lab information systems.
63 -

Ample Scientific LLC

Distributor of scientific and laboratory research instruments, including benchtop centrifuges and microscopes. Provides product support information and online catalog.
64 -

HIR & Associates LLC

Distributor of life science equipment and supplies for research and manufacturing. Provides information about the company and distributed products.
65 -

Pragati Biomedical

Distributor of instrumentation, kits and reagents for use within molecular biology, molecular diagnostics, genomics, proteomics, immunology and cell culture.
66 -

Alexis - Enzo Life Sciences

Distributor of life science reagents, biochemicals, immunochemicals and assay kits for use in basic biology research, such as apoptosis, cell proliferation, and pathway analysis.
67 -


European distributor of instruments for cell biology, cytogenetics, immunology, molecular biology research. Offers product catalog and technical application information.
68 -

Peptide Quotes

Online distributor of custom peptide quotes. Provides online quotation and ordering system.
69 -

TransGlobal Scientific, Inc.

Distributors of pipetting supplies, cryostorage, tissue culture products, filtration supplies, tubes and racks.
70 -

Wilkem Scientific

Rhode Island based distributor of general life science products, including reagents and equipment for molecular and cellular biology.
71 -


Distributor of biochemicals, reagents, consumables and bench top equipment.
72 -


Distributor of laboratory consumables, PCR products, and reagents for biological research.
73 -

Government Scientific Source

Distributor of life science and chemistry research products, specializing in US Government customers.
74 -


Distributor of life science research reagents and diagnostic kits in Japan.
75 -

Bulldog Bio

Company manufactures specialized instrumentation products for molecular biology research, provides technical and application information.
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