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Products and Services include all of the specialized apparatus, equipment, services and other things that scientific researchers, teachers, and engineers working in the field of Biology need in the course of their work.
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1 -

Incyte Pharmaceuticals

A provider of integrated platforms of genomic technologies designed to aid in the understanding of the molecular basis of disease.
2 -

Invitrogen Web Resource

Includes catalog of research products, vector maps and sequence data, product manuals and brochures, and forums for gene expression and PCR cloning.
3 -


Our specialty is a fast-growing and popular science project, the study of Barn Owl pellets.
4 -

Rainbow Scientific, Inc.

Offers molecular cytogenetics, hematology, and clinical chemistry products. Includes a brief description of products, a listing of conference times and contact information.
5 -

Rishi Biotech

Contract research company offering bioinformatics solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech industries.
6 -

Sino Biological Inc.

Specialists in recombinant protein and antibody expression using multiple platform technologies. Provides contract biological laboratory services and biological reagents.
7 -


Supply laboratory products in the area of molecular biology.
8 -

Montreal Biotech

Molecular biology equipment and cell culture products distributor.
9 -

MD Biosciences

Presents a broad range of research and development biotechnology products.
10 -

Echelon Research Laboratories

Produces research-oriented products used for the study of cell signaling, in particular phosphoinositide phosphates.
11 -


Fine, Ultra-fine and Microwire from wide variety of metals and their alloys in flexible, non porous glass insulation. Unique wire characteristics ensure highest electrical stability in adverse environment. Custom design glass encapsulated components available from this wire.
12 -

Wildlife Materials, Inc

Manufacturers of animal radio collars and other locating devices for use with pets or in the field. Lists and describes product uses. Some items can be ordered online.
13 -

GWC Instruments

Produces instruments which use Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) to measure absorption of thin films on gold surfaces. This technique is used to study interactions between proteins, DNA, and RNA. Includes a list of products.
14 -


Presentation of a wide range of microtiterplates and additional equipment.
15 -

Jule Biotechnologies, Inc.

Pre-cast, ready-made polyacrlamide gels in both mini and larger sizes, including tris-glycine, TBE, urea, and tricine gels, buffers, staining reagents, and gradient formers.
16 -


Distributor of products and services for molecular biological research and diagnostics, such as DNA sequencing, laboratory automation, kits and reagents. Explains products and output capabilities. Includes photos.
17 -

Bilaney Consultants

Suppliers of a range of research equipment and software for the life sciences.
18 -

Buxco Research Systems

Provides consultancy services and supplies a range of hardware and software for such applications as pulmonary, cardiovascular, metabolic, edema, and isolated organ research.
19 -

Red Box Direct

Distributor of instrumentation and software to life science researchers in the fields of neuroscience and physiology, imaging and microscopy, and analytical chemistry.
20 -


Produces a range of systems for fluorescent ion quantitation and cell dimension measurements, able to simultaneously record the calcium level and the cell length of a single cardiac myocyte.
21 -

Hooke Laboratories, Inc.

Offers products to induce EAE and CIA in rodents, and contract research services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with a focus on rodent models of EAE, CIA, IBD, asthma, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
22 -

Niles Biological, Inc.

Life science and biology supplies including FOSS and STC refill kits, live specimens, owl pellets, laboratory furniture and supplies, microbiological supplies and preserved specimens.
23 -

OriGene Inc

Biotechnology company offer products and services for Life Sciences research applications. Provides information on products for Gene Expression and research laboratory applications.
24 -

Inotech Biosystems

Supplier of biomedical research equipment including sample harvesters, encapsulators, the vacusafe, disc-to-vial distributors, vacusets, vacubottles, dry sterilizers, strip cutters, reagents and rockers.
25 -

Journal of Molecular Cell Biology

Peer-review journal focused on publishing novel findings in stem cell research, molecular signaling, epigenetics, and other areas of biology research. Provides information about the journal, article submission info for authors, alerting and corporate services.
26 -


Manufacturer of phytochemical reference standards and botanical materials. Provides online catalog, product support, safety information, and description of phytochemical services.
27 -

Pinnacle Technology, Inc

Developer, manufacturer and supplier specializing in wireless, web-enabled, sensor conditioning, data acquisition and biotechnology products. These include biosensors, EEG and EMG products and turnkey rodent systems.
28 -

Lab Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of an extensive line of laboratory animal housing and care equipment. Products include biocontainment systems, ventilated racks and cages, environmental systems and conventional cages.
29 -


Providers of innovative hardware, software and chemical solutions that facilitate exploration and improve productivity in areas of basic biology, disease pathways and drug discovery.
30 -

Kollodis BioSciences, Inc

Provides mussel adhesive protein based biomaterials and associated products. Includes product support, ordering, and contact information.
31 -

Viewpoint Life Sciences, Inc.

Provides systems for the automation of behavioral tests.
32 -

GE Healthcare: Life Sciences

Offers chromatography systems and a range of other products for spectrophotometry, electrophoresis, filtration, quantitive imaging and blotting.
33 -


Developers of a range of products and technologies to meet the growing demands of biomedical research in the fields of genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and clinical diagnosis.
34 -

Bibby Scientific Limited

Designer and manufacturer of products including block heaters, blood tube rotators, colony counters, hotplates, stirrers, rockers and shakers, rotary evaporators and water baths.
35 -


Provides a range of caging and animal housing systems and biological work stations from a worldwide network of centers.
36 -

BioStorage Technologies

Offers biological sample storage, dna storage, shipping, tracking and reporting. Includes a company profile, details of services, information on good starage practices and FAQ.
37 -


Offers solutions in mouse behavioral phenotyping, complex data analysis and neuroscience project management.
38 -

Scie Plas Limited

Provides electrophoresis and radiation protection products, along with the associated peripherals. Lists products and distributors.
39 -

Eppendorf: New Brunswick

A multi-national company which manufactures and supports equipment for the growth, measurement and recovery of cells and their by-products.
40 -


Manufacturer of specialized equipment for creating dust free, abacterial environments, including laminar flow cabinets, biosafety cabinets and clean rooms.
41 -


We are a major supplier of photometry cells including spectrophotometer cuvettes, fluorometer cuvettes, flow-through cells, and custom cuvettes.

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