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Neurobiology is the branch of biology that studies the cells of the nervous system and the organization of these cells into functional circuits that process information and mediate behavior.- Category ID : 422899
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CNS Healthcare - Clinical Neuroscience Solutions

Advanced evaluations, treatments, monitoring, education, for those with psychiatric and neurological diseases.
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Advanced Brain Monitoring

Develops portable devices that interpret electrical activity and identify levels of alertness or drowsiness.
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Neuroscience on the Internet

A searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the Internet.
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Neuromuscular Disease Center: Washington University, St Louis

The Center provides a neuromuscular clinic, an electrodiagnostic service and a clinical laboratory. Includes detailed information on neuromuscular diseases and syndromes.
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Current understanding of the physiological basis for olfaction (sense of smell) and the possible molecular interactions that specify odorant signaling.
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Biophysics of Neuronal Computation

Using the detailed biophysics and microanatomy of cortical neurons to study their complexity from an information theory point of view - from the California Inst. of Technology.
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Provides a searchable facility to help identify structures in the brain.
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Center for Consciousness Studies

Interdisciplinary program promoting open, scientifically rigorous discussions of all phenomena related to the mind. Includes course, conference and workshop listings - from the Univ. of Arizona.
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Research Network on Early Experience & Brain Development

Strives to be inter- and multi-disciplinary by drawing on experts from developmental psychology, developmental neurobiology, and developmental/behavioral pediatrics.
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Neurotrophic Factors

Information on neurotrophic factors.
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Brain and Behavior, from Serendip

Interactive exhibits, forum, and links aimed at exploring the observational basis and significance of the assertion that the nervous system underlies all aspects of human behavior and experience.
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Evogen LC

Offering a compilation of current research on: genetics, brain and mind.
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Innovators in digital EEG and MEG software for research and clinical applications.
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A practical guide to the art of microiontophoresis employed in neuroscience research.
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Imaging the Deaf Brain

A research project exploring how British Sign Language (BSL) is processed by deaf people, with BSL translations of findings to date.
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Information from Wikipedia on the study of the nervous system and the organization of cells into functional circuits that process information and mediate behavior.
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Interactive graphical database which provides structural, molecular, and genetic information on the adult murine nervous system and its relevance to human neurobiology.
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Contract research firm specializing in testing the functional efficacy of potential CNS therapeutics in animal models, with an additional focus on behavioural evaluation of genetically altered animals.
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Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

An annotated bibliography of recent work in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of artificial intelligence, and on consciousness in the sciences.

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