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Mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi, including their genetic and biochemical properties and their taxonomy. Much study focuses on yeasts and microscopic fungi, many of which are plant and animal pathogens.- Category ID : 422889
1 -

University of Oslo Mycological Herbarium

Collections database, images, fact sheets, red list, list of taxon names and synonyms. In Norwegian and English.
2 -

Fun Facts About Fungi

Contains fact sheets with photos and fun activities for kids.
3 -

Rogers Mushrooms

Images, information, keys and global chat room.
4 -

Pyrenomycetes from southwestern France

Family Xylariaceae. Synoptic and dichotomous keys.
5 -

Medical Mycology Online

Contains lots of information on the fungi that cause human infections. Descriptions of the organisms and the diseases they cause. Complete with excellent images.
6 -


Information on mushrooms, fungi, mycophagy, and mycology primarily for the amateur. Includes photographs, descriptions, and recipes.
7 -

The Ones That Stain Blue

Psilocybe mushrooms: studies in ethnomycology
8 -


A synoptic key for determination of fungal genera. This first version includes 180 genera and about 750 illustrated species. Covers the genera of basidiomycota with stem and cap (Agarics, and Boletes) from Northern Europe.
9 -

Fungal Biodiversity Center - Utrecht, The Netherlands

Includes extensive databases for many types of fungi.
10 -

Internet portal for scientists presenting information about diversity of fungi including email directories, societies, identification, collections, and resources.
11 -

Fungi and mushrooms of the Czech republic

Over 500 images of fungi including Latin to Czech fungi name translations, list of mycologists, and events.
12 -

Forest Fungi Of New Zealand

Photographs and information on New Zealand Fungi now also including slime moulds
13 -

Fungi of New South Wales, Australia

Photographs, drawings, and descriptions of indigenous macro fungi, by Jamie Derkenne.
14 -

Fungi mailinglist and archive

Belgian mailinglist for mycology. Share your questions and answers; outdoor-activities; determinations about fungi with others who are also interested in Mycology. Or search the archive for some information.
15 -

Taxonomy and Ecology of Ascomycetes

Photos, drawings and keys of the macro- and microscopy of ascomycetes, and ecological aspects of these fungi.
16 -

Fungal Biology

Introduction to mycology for university students. Includes topics on structure, sexual and asexual spores, dimorphism, haustoria, rhizomorphs, and sclerotia and stromata.
17 -

Mycology Resources

Links to internet resources of interest to mycologists.

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