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Medical Microbiology

Neal Chamberlain PhD. provides information on the microorganisms that cause diseases in humans. Includes lecture notes, laboratory notebook, computerized clinical cases, and most common causes of infectious diseases file.
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Microbial Genetics

University of Arizona - Christina Kennedy and Sandy Pierson, Spring 97
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Iowa State University: Interdepartmental Microbiology Program

Undergraduate and graduate course information and listing, distance education courses, and links to other sites of interest.
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Microbiology Online

Information and resources to support UK schools microbiology teaching at all Keystages to post-16.
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Microbes in Action

Provides scientific information and hands-on activities in microbiology to K-12 teachers via curriculum units and workshops.
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Microbiology Webbed Out

Online textbook by Timothy Paustian. Topics include classification, the structure of procaryotes, bacteria growth and nutrition, metabolism, host parasites, control of microbial growth, and genetics of bacteria.
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Medical Microbiology Synopsis

Site provides an overview of medical microbiology for students of medicine. Typical and atypical microbial flora are listed per specimen source and characterized in flowchart diagrams that can be easily memorized.
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UC Davis: Microbiology

Provides information on the Department, faculty research, the graduate and undergraduate programs, seminars and events.
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A useful resource on microbiology with a definition of microbiological terms, an introduction to microbiology, microbiology news and descriptions of various microbes.
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American Society for Microbiology: Education

Supports educators and students by offering career listings, curriculum resources, publications, workshops, networks, and funding for educational programs. Includes events schedule, organization news, and online library of peer reviewed sites.
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Ohio State University: Department of Microbiology

Provides information on the department, the faculty, the graduate and undergraduate programs and the research opportunities.
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Microbiology and Immunology Online

On-line textbook of Microbiology and immunology. The contents of this web site are based on lectures given to second year Medical Students at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine.
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A microbiology educational website for students. It is a web portal about virology, bacteriology, parasitology, immunology, class notes and multiple choice questions.
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Microbiology in Pictures

Picture gallery of pathogenic and facultatively pathogenic bacterial species. Basic information about bacterial diseases, cultivation of bacteria, possible antibiotic treatment.
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