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Genetics:Software provides links to software for genetic research and teaching from the cellular level up to genetics of populations. Software covered by other categories, such as evolution, phylogeny and general molecular biology will be specifically excluded.- Category ID : 422826
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Progeny Software

Supply pedigree drawing and genetic data management software for genetic research with a built-in customizable relational database.
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MuStaR Sequence Variant Database Software

Designed to create a database of mutation loci, to make this information available to as many people as possible. No longer being maintained.
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Hands on Genetics

Instructional software for basic genetics, such as DNA, PCR, Mendel, Hardy-Weinberg, meiosis and computer simulations. Freeware for Mac and Windows.
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Alice Software

Database system to build and publish synonymised checklists of species. Species descriptions include pre-established fields and detailed descriptions employing any number of user-defined fields.
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Genetic Linkage Analysis

Offers links and other resources for genetic analysis software from the Rockefeller University.
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GPL software for viewing and editing DNA and amino acid sequences. Integrated alignment, PCR, BLAST searches, and shared databases. Windows version is available for download (English and German).
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Program that draws chromosome maps (as EMF files) using the output of MapMaker EXP. Delphi source code is freely available upon request. The software is available under the MIT licence.
8 -

Genetic Network Maps as Java Applets

Genetic networks controlling development in Sea Urchin represented as Java applets. Formal scheme. Molecular interactions modelled as Petri Net.
9 -

CREME: Cis-REgulatory Module Explorer

Identifies modules of putative transcription factor binding sites that are specific to promoters of co-expressed human genes. Provides a resource for decoding microarray experiments.
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Broad Institute Genetics Software

Offers a wide range of software for genome sequence analysis, genetic variation, linkage analysis, expression analysis, and PCR primer selection.
11 -

The Sequence Manipulation Suite

The Sequence Manipulation Suite is a collection of JavaScript programs for generating, formatting, and analyzing short DNA and protein sequences. It is commonly used by molecular biologists, for teaching purposes, and for program and algorithm testing.
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Web-based microarray analysis system that combines data management and analytical functions with integrated, current gene annotation from public databases. Product overview in pdf format.
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A software application for visualizing genomic data. Can be used to analyze and display relations between complete genomes, genomic fragments, proteins, ESTs, full length cDNAs, and gene expression data.
14 -

BioConstructor Molecular Cloning Software

BioConstructor is a bioinformatics solution focussing on molecular cloning. Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
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CounterTrace II DNA Sequencing

Software and reagent for improving the quality and read length of DNA sequence traces collected on the ABI 3730 DNA sequencer.
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Free Windows software tool for the analysis of DNA and RNA sequences. It includes several sequence statistics and a comprehensive set of signal search methods.
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Software company developing user friendly tools for the molecular genetics community. Provides details of products, R and D collaborations and news.
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OpenBiomind is an open source toolkit for analysis of gene expression, SNP and other biological datasets using advanced machine learning and pattern mining techniques, and includes traditional clustering, hybrid clustering, and other techniques.
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Gene Expression Open Source System

Open source database and analysis package used to store and analyze gene expression data. Includes microarray center workflow management, and researcher tools to analyze final data.
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HyPhy: Hypothesis Testing Using Phylogenies

Free multiplatform software package intended to perform maximum likelihood analyses of genetic sequence data.
21 -

Random Genetic Optimization

Genetic algorithms are a new approach to modeling based on the evolution theory in biology and use concepts such as population, descendant, parents, mutations, chromosomes, genes, etc.
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Open source image analysis software designed for biologists without training in computer vision or programming to quantitatively measure phenotypes from thousands of images automatically.
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