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This category is for listing of research centers undertaking research in genetics and genomics. Typically these centers will include genetics institutes, university departments, government departments, foundations, and non-governmental organisations.- Category ID : 422825
1 -

Genome Bioinformatics Research Laboratory

Focuses on the gene regulation and bioinformatics. Site features research, resources and data sets, courses and seminars and publications. Located in Spain.
2 -

Genetics of Mental Retardation and Cortical Malformations

Research group located in Marseille, France. Studying mental retardation and cortical malformations.
3 -

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Undertakes genome research involving large scale sequencing and analysis. Includes databases and career information.
4 -

Genome Atlantic

One of five regional centres of Genome Canada. A not-for-profit corporation promoting genomics research in Canada.
5 -

Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School

Undertake biomedical research in computational, chromosomal, and developmental genetics. Information of courses, software, hardware, people, and related links.
6 -

Genetic Information Research Institute

Promotes original peer-reviewed, public domain research on genetic information. Includes a database of prototypic sequences and a monthly journal, both requiring registration.
7 -

The Genome Center: Washington University

Research is focused on the large scale generation and analysis of the human genome sequence, and also the sequencing of the genomes of other species.
8 -

Guarente Lab

Studying the genes regulating ageing. Model organisms include yeast, C. elegans, mice, and humans. Includes a listing of publications and protocols available for download. Located at MIT, Massachusetts.
9 -

University of Wisconsin Laboratory of Genetics

Features graduate programs, courses, faculty, research, and staff profiles.
10 -

Genome Biology at UTA

Information about the genome biology group at University of Texas at Arlington.
11 -

The European Nutrigenomics Organisation

Network for integrating nutritional genomics researchers. EU funded.
12 -

Translational Genomics Research Institute

Non profit organisation which aims to translate genomic discoveries into advances in human health. Located in Arizona, USA.
13 -

Broad Institute

A collaboration of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Focused on genetic research in the areas of cancer, genome biology, human disease and computational biology.
14 -

Genome Institute Of Singapore

Research institute focused on technology, genetics and biology towards the goal of individualized medicine. Links to publications, research areas, and job opportunities.
15 -

Division of Molecular Genetics

Columbia University Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Molecular Genetics. Main research focus is on obesity and type II diabetes.
16 -

International Center for Public Health - Center for Applied Genomics

Research in biology and medicine using novel functional genomic approaches including the application and further development of DNA microarray technology.
17 -

Chromosome Laboratory

Developing more sensitive and rapid molecular cytogenetic analyses for use in human clinical cytogenetics. Part of the Dept. of Clinical Genetics, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark.
18 -

The Histone Code

The Judd Rice Lab at USC, California, is studying the molecular pathways that establish various histone codes and elucidate their roles in human development and disease. Includes publications and protocols for download.
19 -

National Gene Vector Biorepository

A resource for academic investigators and others conducting gene therapy research focused on the four areas of archiving services, insertional site analysis, pharmacology and toxicology resources, and a reagent repository.
20 -

Stanford Medical Genetics

Provides information on the labs and the research being undertaken in each, with details of courses, students and staff.
21 -

The Chen Laboratory: University of Texas at Austin

Studies the mechanisms and evolution of polyploidy and genome function. Polyploidy can be found throughout the evolutionary history of all eukaryotes, including many plants and some animals.
22 -

Kazusa DNA Research Institute

Undertakes large scale DNA sequencing projects. Features organization and staff, research projects, databases, and related links. Located in Japan.
23 -

Gene Center

Facilities, seminars and interdisciplinary research, which aims to gain mechanistic insight into the function of cells and organisms in normal and pathological states, at the University of Munich, Germany.
24 -

Biomedicum Helsinki: Genome-Scale Biology

Undertakes genome-scale, high-throughput biological research and its translation into medical benefits. Located in the University of Helsinki, Finland.
25 -

Evolutionary Genetics Group, Groningen University

Focuses on evolutionary genetics questions, in particular, how genetic structure and variation affect evolutionary and ecological processes. Features staff profiles, publications, and education opportunities. Located in Haren, The Netherlands
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