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This category is for organizations which do not themselves conduct scientific research but aim to spread information about such research. They organize meetings, publish journals and provide research grants for scientists in the field.- Category ID : 422812
1 -

Institute of Cytology and Genetics

Research in modern genetics, molecular and cellular biology directed to solution of two fundamental problems: the investigation of the structure and functioning of genome, and the cognition of laws of evolution and selection.
2 -

National Institute of Genetics

Features information on departments and laboratories, seminars, and resources. Includes a DNA databank. In English and Japanese .
3 -

American Society of Human Genetics

Professional society of human genetics specialists. Provides information on the society, members, meetings, awards, publications, policy, education, careers and news.
4 -

Norwegian Institute of Genecology

Research, distribute information and offer advice in the use of genetic engineering. Includes research projects, news archive, courses and lectures, and publications.
5 -

Evolutionary Genetics

Research deals with the use of phylogenies to address questions in evolutionary biology and historical biogeography. Includes people, publications, and projects. Located at the Free University of Brussels .
6 -

Genetics Society of America - GSA

Sponsors a number of research conferences, supports education of students, and publishes the journal "Genetics." Includes details of meetings, educational policy, and links to model organisms.
7 -

American Board of Medical Genetics

Certifies individuals and accredit training programs. Includes certification requirements, application form, verifications, and membership lists.
8 -

Association of Genetic Technologists - AGT

Professional organization for those engaged in classical cytogenetics, molecular and biochemical genetics. Includes educational opportunities, meetings, and publications.
9 -

International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics

Research in animal genetics, biophysics, human genetics, molecular biology and molecular genetics . Seminars and meetings, job opportunities, education and library .
10 -

Special Interest Group for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Provides information on joining SIGEVO, the newsletter and the international conferences.
11 -

Genetics Society of AustralAsia

Provides information on GSA, members, meetings, awards, the newsletter and resources.
12 -

International Genetics Federation

Association of national genetical societies interested in promoting the advancement of the science of genetics. Provides information on the congress, held every 5 years, the officers and executive board and the news archive.
13 -

International Society for Collaborating Scientists in Personalized Medicine

ISCSPM is a genetic based professional scientific society founded by Prof. Isidro T. Savillo. Explains the aims of the society and invites scientists and researchers to join.
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