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Molecular evolution is the process of evolution at the scale of DNA, RNA, and proteins. It emerged as a field of study in the 1960s as scientists sought to understand recent discoveries on the structure and function of nucleic acids and protein.- Category ID : 417376
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Symmetry-breaking and Molecular Evolution

Explores the structural relationship between cosmological symmetry-breaking and the form of molecular evolution leading to biological systems on Earth. It thus forms an alternative to historical hypotheses in which the form of biogenesis is believed to be the product of a linked sequence of specific conditions, bridged by stochastic selection processes.
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Szostak Laboratory

Details work exploring the evolution of novel ribozymes (deoxyribo and ribonucleic acid catalysts) from populations of random sequences, attempting to shed light on the origins of biological catalysis.
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ExPASy Life Science Directory

Part of the ExPASy Molecular Biology Server, this extensive list includes almost exclusively pointers to information sources for life scientists with an interest in biological macromolecules.
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Molecular Evolution

Information from Wikipedia on this scientific field where researchers seek to understand recent discoveries on the structure and function of nucleic acids and proteins.
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History of Molecular Evolution

Information from Wikipedia on the emergence of this field of study following the rise of molecular biology and the advent of protein sequencing. The differences between homologous sequences can be used as a molecular clock to estimate the time since the last common ancestor.
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Joseph Felsenstein

Profile of Joseph Felsenstein, Professor of Genome Sciences and of Biology at the University of Washington, providing his areas of research and publications.
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Susumu Ohno

Biographical memoir on this Japanese American researcher who postulated that gene duplication plays a major role in evolution, with a bibliography.
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Animal Emergence During Snowball Earths by Thermosynthesis in Submarine Hydrothermal Vents

Paper by Anthonie W J Muller proposing a theory that organisms can use or may have used thermal cycling as an energy source, for example in volcanic hot springs, as an evolutionary step towards photosynthesis.
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Debashish Bhattacharya Laboratory

Our lab studies the molecular evolution of algae and protist and the origin of introns. Rutgers University.
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Laboratory of Biosystematics and Plant Cytology, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS

The study of structural and functional organization of chromosomes, caryotypes, molecular systematics and phylogeny, environmental control of structural and functional features of cell cycle and meta-phase chromosomes in plants.
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Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

Journal providing a forum for molecular studies that advance the understanding of phylogeny and evolution. Provides information on the journal and subscriptions.
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