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Evolution Websites

This category is for scientific sites about evolution in biology. Evolution is the process by which living things change over generations. Evolutionary biology is the study of how and why evolution occurs. An organism inherits traits from its parents through the genome. Mutations in these genes and/or the way they are read, or not read, can produce a new trait in the offspring. If a new trait makes these offspring better suited to their environment, they will be more successful at surviving and reproducing. This process is called natural selection, and it causes useful traits to become more common. The theory of evolution by natural selection was first proposed by Charles Darwin in his book “On the Origin of Species”, written in 1859.- Category ID : 417370
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The TalkOrigins Archive

Provides a number of essays and articles on various aspects of biology and evolutionary theory.
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The Evolution Evidence Page

A collection of articles about evolution, most of which deal primarily with human evolution, from a variety of sources. They include discussion of the anatomical, fossil and genetic evidence.
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Introduction to Phylogeny

University of California Museum of Paleontology virtual exhibit explores the relationship of phylogeny and evolution.
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Evolution of Evolvability

This paper shows how evolution tunes the content and frequency of genetic variation to enhance its evolvability, organising genetic systems into hierarchies. Genetic evolution is neither random nor blind.
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Beliefs of U.S. Public About Evolution and Creation

Presents and discusses the results of polls (from Gallup,, and other sources) of various economic, educational, and religious groups about evolution and creation.
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Songbird Shows How Evolution Works

BBC News article about study on Himalayan songbirds that suggests how one species can evolve into two.
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Vertebrate Flight Exhibit

Explores the physics of vertebrate flight, with particular emphasis on its origins and evolution.
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Evolution: Darwin

Supporting material for the "Evolution" TV series. Includes informative activities.
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Evolution, Complexity and Philosophy

Hans-Cees Speel discusses evolution in biology, philosophy, artificial intelligence and memetics.
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Evolution Update

A tool for academic research in evolutionary biology and its associated controversies.
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The Story of Human Evolution

An step-by-step explanation of natural evolution from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization.
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Frozen Evolution

Information on a book by Professor Jaroslav Flegr describing a variation on the theory of evolution, the frozen plasticity theory.
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Evolution Directory

Provides a means for evolutionary biologists, population biologists and scientists in related areas to post and distribute information about jobs, meetings, news and general announcements.
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Zen Philosophy and Adaptation via Natural Selection

Article by Vaclav Petr on this subject.
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Gene McCarthy, a geneticist, provides an in-depth discussion of macroevolution and its probable causes and, in the process, reviews the history of evolutionary thought.
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Derek Hough on Evolutionary Theory

Article by Derek Hough asserting that Darwin would never have believed in neo-Darwinism. He knew that the source of variety was the missing link in his theory.
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Horse Evolution

Article by Kathleen Hunt.
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Unicellular Organisms: Origin of Life

Chapter from an online book entitled "A Review of the Universe: Structures, Evolutions, Observations, and Theories".
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Dinobuzz: Are Birds Really Dinosaurs?

Article examining the evolution of birds.
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Map of Life

Examples of convergent evolution.
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Scientific American: 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

Review and critique of popular arguments against the theory of evolution by natural selection.

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