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Plant Ecology Websites

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1 -

Allelopathy Links

Annotated directory of internet links on allelopathy.
2 -

GIS in Plant Ecology

Annotated bibliography of GIS uses within plant ecology, including examples of research involving the analysis and prediction of vegetation change. Useful GIS and mapping web links are also included.
3 -

Population growth

Results of undergraduate laboratory experiments on population ecology in Lemna, Azolla, Avena and Bromus spp.
4 -

CASIROZ Project on Chronic Ozone and Beech Trees

An EU funded project aiming to clarify the vulnerability of adult beech trees to the tropospheric ozone.
5 -

Vegetation Ecology at Bern

Forest and grassland ecology at the University of Bern.
6 -

Literature Recommendations on Plant Ecology and Physiology

Literature recommendations by highly cited researchers on plant ecology and physiology, suitable for undergraduates.
7 -

Journal of Plant Ecology

The journal covers all areas of plant ecology, including plant physiological ecology, population ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology and landscape ecology as well as conservation ecology, theoretical ecology, pollution ecology, chemical ecology, and related fields.
8 -

Amazon plants - Plant Ecology

Various images related to amazonian plant ecology.
9 -

International Association for Vegetation Science

A worldwide group of scientists and others interested in theoretical and practical studies of vegetation. Includes details of membership, association journals, meetings, jogs and other resources.
10 -

Experimental Plant Ecology at Radboud University

Research group working on ecology & evolution of adaptive plant traits along flooding gradients.
11 -

Plant Ecology and Systematics

Research group on biodiversity including processes of evolution, distribution of populations and the nature of plant-environment interactions. People, courses and news. Lund University, Sweden.
12 -

Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group

Performs research and education in the fields of nature conservation, systems ecology and plant population biology, focusing on the interactions between vegetation characteristics and ecosystem dynamics in temperate and boreal regions of the northern hemisphere.
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