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This category is for organizations which do not themselves conduct scientific research but aim to spread information about such research. They organize meetings, publish journals and provide research grants for scientists in the field.- Category ID : 417168
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Botanical Society of the British Isles

Founded in 1836, it is the major source of information on the status and distribution of British and Irish flowering plants and ferns.
2 -

California Botanical Society

Systematics, ecology, evolution, and natural history of the plants of California and adjacent western North America. Publisher of the journal Madroño.
3 -

Botanical Society of America

Promoting research and teaching in all fields of plant biology to facilitate cooperation among plant scientists worldwide and to disseminate knowledge of plants, algae and fungi. Links to the American Journal of Botany, Plant Science Bulletin, national meetings and symposia, and educational resources.
4 -

American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)

To promote the growth and development of plant biology, to encourage and publish research in plant biology, and to promote the interests and growth of plant scientists in general
5 -

International Association for Plant Taxonomy

Carries out projects of interest to systematists, especially those that require international cooperation.
6 -

World Botanical Associates

Organization formed to collect plants for pharmaceutical screening and research. Maintains a herbarium and issues taxonomic reports.
7 -

Southern Appalachian Botanical Society

Organization for professional and amateur botanists interested in the flora of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Includes tables of contents for the journal Castanea.
8 -

International Society of Environmental Botanists

ISEB aims to promote and coordinate research on plants in relation to environmental pollution, encourage better interaction among researchers, teachers, and social activists and create awareness among governmental policy makers and industry leaders.
9 -

International Association for Sexual Plant Reproduction Research

IASPRR aims to stimulate scientific research in the field of plant reproduction and related subjects and promote the application of the results of such research in agriculture and forestry. Provides information on congresses, membership and the journal.
10 -

European Plant Science Organisation

Independent non-profit academic organisation aiming to increase the impact and visibility of plant science across Europe. Includes news, information on membership, projects and a portal.
11 -

Muhlenberg Botanical Society

Club based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Information about meetings and field trips, with an archive of newsletters.
12 -

Philadelphia Botanical Club

Society presents its long history, meetings and field trips, herbarium, journal, and officers, with a membership form.
13 -

Australian Systematic Botany Society

Australian systematic botany society, news, conferences and publications.
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