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Academic Departments Websites

Sites representing biotechnology departments of colleges and universities, subdivisions of colleges and universities or other faculties in institutions financed by providing education in biotechnology.

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1 -

University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center

Services, research, curriculum, local biotechnology companies.
2 -

Laboratory of Pesticide and Biotechnology

Research in biological pesticides, insect development, mammalian toxicity and immunochemistry. Includes publication list and profiles of staff at University of California at Davis.
3 -

TU Delft: Department of Biotechnology

Focused on multidisciplinary fields of genomics, metabolomics, biocatalysis, metabolic engineering, fermentation, environmental and bioprocess technology. Includes introduction to research groups, degree programs and facilities in The Netherlands.
4 -

University College Dublin: Biosystems Engineering

Programs leading to Bachelor of Engineering degree, masters by research, in food, MEngSc and MScAgrm, and PhD. Includes details of courses and research, profiles and contacts for staff.
5 -

University of Minnesota: Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Research on genetic materials for efficiency, reliability and profitability of crop production and use, including environmentally sound practices. Includes distance learning and outreach education programs from St. Paul.
6 -

MITS School of Biotechnology

Offers B.Sc., M.Sc. and BCA courses in biotechnology and bioinformatics, short courses and distance learning programs. Located at the Best Institute in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.
7 -

Wageningen University: Bioprocess Engineering

Focused on biotechnological processes for manufacturing food ingredients, biofuels, biopolymers, pharmaceuticals and biopesticides. Includes research programs, courses, publications, and personnel in the Netherlands.
8 -

Biotechnology: Mahidol University, Bangkok

Information on the academic program and the research groups which include agricultural, molecular, medical, food and industrial biotechnology, and bioprocess engineering.
9 -

Biological System Engineering Group

BIOSE is part of the Biochemical Engineering Department at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Research is being done into different aspects of microbiology, biochemical kinetics, modeling and optimization in bioprocesses.
10 -

Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences: Department of Biomedical Science

Information regarding undergraduate courses, faculty members, the infrastructure and career opportunities. Delhi, India.
11 -

St. Francis De Sales College: SFS Centre for Biotechnology

Offers post graduate education in biotechnology at Nagpur, India. Provides information on the department, the board, the teaching faculty, the facilities and courses.
12 -

Amrita School of Biotechnology

Provides information on the academic programs, admissions, research and the faculty. India.
13 -

Center for Biotechnology

Promoting investment in infrastructure supporting entrepreneurial activity and industry growth. Includes development initiatives, graduate programs, seminars and outreach from State University of New York at Stony Brook.
14 -

MIT Biological Engineering Division

Multidisciplinary approach to interface biology and technology, integrating molecular and cellular aspects with core principles from chemical, electrical, materials and computer science, and mechanical engineering. Details of undergraduate, graduate courses, research and seminars at Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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