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Bioinformatics is broadly defined as the use of computers to analyse biological information. The most common form of bioinformatics is studying the vast amounts of DNA and protein sequence that are now available. However, there are many other possible applications of computers in biology, such as simulating populations, analysing experimental gels and storing information about the phenotypes of mutant organisms.- Category ID : 417101
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The Ensembl Project

Ensembl is a joint project between EMBL-EBI and the Sanger Centre to develop a software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on eukaryotic genomes.
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The Bioinformatics Organization, Inc.

Bioinformatics society open to all people. Strong emphasis on open access to biological information as well as Free and Open Source software.
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The International Society for Computational Biology

The International Society for Computational Biology is dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of living systems through computation; the emphasis is on the role of computing and informatics in advancing molecular biology.
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European Molecular Biology Network

EMBnet is the only organisation world-wide bringing bioinformatics professionals to work together to serve the expanding fields of genetics and molecular biology.
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Society for Bioinformatics in the Nordic Countries

SocBiN is a non-profit organisation for people working with and interested in bioinformatics. One task of the society is to arrange annual conferences on Bioinformatics.
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Bioinformatics and Biological Computing

A bioinformatics site, with access to multiple database searching and sequence analysis tools - from the Weizmann Institute of Science.
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Information from Wikipedia on this branch of biology which involves the use or development of techniques, including applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, chemistry, and biochemistry to solve biological problems, usually on the molecular level.
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Editable by the whole bioinformatics community, OpenWetWare provides bioinformatics tutorials and reviews that are kept up-to-date by the readers themselves.
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Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network

Aims to develop the bioinformatics network infrastructure, encourage the exchange of data and information, develop training programs, workshops and symposia and encourage collaborations in the field of bioinformatics.

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