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Wildlife Websites

Websites about animals (including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, mollusks, etc.) and plants (including vascular plants, nonvascular plants, fungi, lichens, etc.) living and growing wild in the United Kingdom, whether native or introduced.- Category ID : 166355
1 -

Forestry Commission: Wild Woods

An interactive map to help find interesting locations across Britain. Includes pictures and information about birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and habitats, and a link to the current online edition of "Forest Life" in PDF format.
2 -

The Tree Council

Promotes the planting and conservation of trees and woods. Includes information on the tree warden scheme.
3 -

English Oak Trees

Describes the natural history of the species and of various birds, insects and wild flowers that share its habitat. Includes information about conservation, woodland restoration, and growing trees from acorns.
4 -

The Tree Register

Registered charity with database of over 125,000 big, ancient, historical and tall trees in the UK. Some website facilities available to members only.
5 -


A charity which carries out plant species and habitat conservation, owns and manages nature reserves, campaigns, and raises awareness through education. Includes detailed species information, surveys and sections on nature reserves, important plant areas, and opportunities to volunteer.
6 -

English Country Garden

A catalogue of birds, animals, flowers and trees found in an English Country Garden.
7 -


Description of the births, deaths, family life, and setts of badgers. Includes activities, educational material, and legal information.
8 -

British Wildlife Centre

A natural setting where the public can see animals, birds, and reptiles. Includes opening times and prices, list of facilities, interactive map, conservation information and educational resources, and links to related sites.
9 -

The Hawk Conservancy Trust

A country park in Andover, Hampshire, where birds of prey perform flying demonstrations. Includes information on species, activities, conservation, education, research, membership, sponsorship, and opening times and prices.
10 -

British Marine Life Study Society

A natural history organisation dedicated to the study of the marine fauna and flora of the shore and seas surrounding the British Isles. Includes articles, newsletter, news bulletin service, and links to related sites.
11 -

Cornwall Mammal Group

Aims to protect the mammals of Cornwall by promoting conservation and recording. Includes information on events, mapping and recording and on becoming a member.
12 -

Rutland Water Nature Reserve

A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), winter wildfowl sanctuary, and home to the Osprey Translocation Project. Includes species and habitat information, details of educational programmes, special projects, events and activities, plus opportunities to volunteer.
13 -

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Engendering care and concern for wetlands by focusing on rare wetland birds and bringing people into close contact with ducks, geese, and swans at centres throughout the UK. Includes research information, news and events, and learning resource materials.
14 -

Barn Owl Centre of Gloucestershire

Dedicated to the welfare and conservation needs of owls and other birds of prey, whether their origin is wild or captive bred.
15 -

Wapley Bushes Local Nature Reserve

A nature reserve in south Gloucestershire run by the Wapley Bushes Conservation Group, a small group of volunteers. Includes a blog covering activities and what can be seen at the reserve.
16 -


Liverpool-based charity working nationally, mainly in urban and urban fringe areas, using wildflower mixes to develop and support creative conservation sites. Includes details of the National Wildflower Centre and other projects, training opportunities, links, and publications.
17 -

Wildlife Britain

Information about different species of wildlife that inhabit Britain. Includes details about environmental issues, wildlife news and information on UK wildlife focused holidays.
18 -

Cwm Elan Estate and Trust

Elan Valley is an internationally important wildlife site of over 70 square miles, leased to a trust. Includes details of flora and fauna and full events calendar.
19 -

Naturenet: UK Countryside & Nature Conservation

Aims to provide a resource for practical nature conservation and management. Includes articles about law, education, careers and training, agencies and organisations, and links to environmental discussion groups.
20 -

Natural History Pictures

A picture library of 20,000 images, covering natural history and the environment in Great Britain and Western Europe. Includes a list of lectures topics available, a diary, and links to related web sites.
21 -

UK Safari

Information about wildlife and the countryside. Contains articles, photographs, a newsletter, a list of rescue hospitals, and links to related web sites.
22 -

Wild Boar in Britain

Information on free living wild boar. Includes field signs, academic and research papers, a forum, locations of breeding populations, and a study of the historical importance of the species.
23 -

Big Cat Monitors

Organisation dedicated to proving the existence of wild big cats in the United Kingdom. Contains witness accounts of sightings, photographic evidence of paw prints, and background information and advice about the main species.
24 -

My Tiny Garden

Close up photographs of common insects, with a narrative, factual information, and a magnifying glass. Requires Flash player.
25 -

Wildlife Online UK

Aims to provide a useful and educational resource, drawing information from textbooks and scientific papers. Contains details of the natural history of several British species, with images, and links to related sites.
26 -

The Shark Trust

Promotes the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates and rays in the UK and elsewhere. Includes news, photographs, a video, a forum, links to related sites, and the opportunity to adopt a shark.
27 -

Marine Life Information Network

Information about the biology and sensitivity of marine habitats, communities and species around Britain and Ireland. Includes data access, educational resources, species recording schemes, newsletters, reports, and frequently asked questions.
28 -

Reptiles and Amphibians of the UK (RAUK)

Information and discussion about the identification of snakes, lizards, newts, frogs, toads, tadpoles, and spawn. Includes links to related sites and organisations, advice on herpetofauna, and a forum.
29 -

British Wildlife Helpline

Information and advice about helping animals and birds in an emergency, and rearing orphaned creatures. Includes homoeopathic treatments for common ailments, a database of rescue centres, and a list of related books.
30 -

Bat Conservation Trust

Detailed information about the species and habitats, monitoring, legislation and protection, training courses, news and events.
31 -

Wild Guide UK

Photographs of grasshoppers, crickets, butterflies and moths, true bugs, and flies, displayed to enable comparison. Includes a description and identification markings for each species.
32 -

Wild Flower Page

Describes the first steps in finding and studying wild flowers. Includes a flower-of-the-month feature and information about conservation, wildlife news items, and links to related sites.
33 -

Wildlife Gardening

Describes how to make any garden a haven for wildlife. Includes news and features, project tutorials and a message board.
34 -

British Mycological Society

Aims to promote the study of fungi. Provides news items, details of meetings, educational resources and publications.
35 -

First Nature

Illustrated guide to the birds, land mammals, fishes, insects, reptiles, amphibians, fungi, trees, and wild flowers of Britain and Europe. Includes contact information and links to related sites.
36 -

The Scottish Sealife Sanctuary

A centre on the shores of Loch Creran, near Oban, providing an aquarium and a rescue and rehabilitation facility for common and grey seal pups. Includes contact details, and information about seals and otters.
37 -


Dedicated to the protection of cetaceans, through research, partnership and education. Includes news, a guide to species identification, photographs, a sightings list, and links to related sites.
38 -


Nature awareness and outdoor tracking school in Co. Armagh. Includes photographs and information about weekend and one-day programs.
39 -

WildCRU Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

Oxford University group develops practical solutions to conservation problems through research, implementation, education and local public involvement. Includes support and donation details.
40 -

Sea Shore Antics

Provides a glimpse into what some of the UK sea shore inhabitants actually get up to, when undisturbed by humans.
41 -

Harlequin Ladybird Survey

Seeking assistance in tracking the harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis in the UK.
42 -

Nature in Shetland

News of the latest sightings and information about marine life, birds, insects and amphibians. Includes articles, photographs, details of educational courses, events and publications, and links to related sites and organisations.
43 -

UK Moths

Guide to the moths of Great Britain and Ireland, with photographs of live specimens, common and scientific names, and notes on biology.
44 -

Find Wild Flowers

A database powered web application to help identify the native and naturalised flora of Great Britain. The system contains pictures and information on each species, details of how to record interesting plants, and links to regional botanical web sites.
45 -

National Federation of Badger Groups

The NFBG promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and habitats. It represents and supports 80 local voluntary badger groups throughout Britain, provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with the police, and other organisations.
46 -

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust

Dedicated to study, research and education. Includes species information, news, marine life sightings, online sightings report, opportunities to volunteer, and an international list of links to related sites.
47 -

Buglife: The Invertebrate Conservation Trust

A charity dedicated to maintaining sustainable populations of insects, spiders and earthworms. Includes information on species and current projects, vacancies, contact details, and links to related sites.
48 -

Botanical Society of the British Isles

Founded in 1836, it is the major source of information on the status and distribution of British and Irish flowering plants and ferns.
49 -

Wild Flower Society

Society for amateur botanists and wild flower lovers, promoting field botany and conservation of British flora. Information about membership, branches, activities, events and species reports.
50 -

British Wild Flowers

Offers a large selection of photographs to aid in identifiation of wild flowers, grasses, ferns, shrubs and trees.
51 -

Wildlife UK Forums

A group of forums for people interested in the flora and fauna of the United Kingdom.
53 -

Pennine Edge Barn Owl Group

Aiming to increase the numbers of Barn Owls in the Tameside, Oldham and Rochdale areas by building boxes and creating a "corridor" for them to nest in.
54 -

Garden Moth Scheme

A project for people to survey moths as indicators of the health of our cities and countryside; information about the scheme, regional contacts, and how to get involved.
55 -

Growing Native

Describes native trees and wild flowers and explains aspects of propagation, planting, and aftercare. Includes features, a newsletter, and news of events.
56 -

Nature around Me

Provides information on UK wildlife, organisations and volunteers looking after it and an online nature store.
57 -

Great British Wildlife

Provides listings of nature reserves, local groups and events. Includes a wildlife forum, competitions, articles and details of the newsletter and campaigns.
58 -

Woodland Friends

Organisation promoting the re-creation of native British woodland through tree planting schemes on redundant farmland. Includes information on sponsoring a sapling and corporate sponsorship schemes.
59 -

With Nature UK

A guide to the scenery and natural history of Britain. Includes daily news headlines and outdoors lifestyle information.
60 -

Glow Worm Survey

Describes the species and gives advice on when and where to look for them. Includes a survey, and lists of walks and reports.
61 -

British Bryological Society

Aims to promote a wider interest in all aspects of byrology, the study of mosses and liverworts, by providing tuition and meetings, and supporting research and conservation. Includes species information and features, details of activities, and links to related sites.
62 -

British Dragonfly Society

Promotes the study and conservation of dragonflies and damselflies and their natural habitats, especially in the United Kingdom. Includes images and an annotated checklist of British and Irish Odonata.
63 -

Butterflies suffered in cold and wet 2012, says charity

The BBC reports on the effect of the weather on the UK’s lepidoptera.
64 -


British branch of LIPU, the BirdLife Partner in Italy.
65 -

British Trees

Describes native trees and woodlands. Includes a species guide, images and photomicrographs, bibliography, magazine list, and links to related sites and organisations.
66 -

British Pteridological Society

Describes their activities and provides images and information about species and habitats. Includes details of projects and links to related sites.
67 -

Protected Species Ecology

Independent ecological consultancy based in mid-Wales offering ecological and environmental assessment. Includes badger, bat, dormouse, reptiles and amphibians.
68 -

Endangered Wildlife Trust

British charity which owns 800 hectares of tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, the Pacuare Nature Reserve. Includes information on projects here and in Panama to conserve leatherback turtles, and information on volunteering.

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