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Products and services for environmental control and environmental science.- Category ID : 166336
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Resource & Environmental Consultants (REC) Ltd

Environmental consultants in the areas of air, land and water. Includes information on services and office locations.
2 -

Anthony Bates Partnership

Dredging and coastal consultants and engineers offer advice on port and harbour construction, land reclamation, and dredging.
3 -

Red Kite Environment

Offers help with strategic planning and development, heritage interpretation, sustainable tourism and learning.
4 -

Aqueous Consultants

Aquatic, fishery, wildlife and environmental management specialists. Provides details of their areas of expertise, the services offered and some past projects.
5 -

Cress Water Ltd.

The design and installation of reed-beds, ponds and wetlands for treatment of sewage and other wastewater effluents, ornamental water features, and secondary-use water resources.
6 -

Bradley Environmental Consultants

Information on services including contaminated land, asbestos, and health and safety compliance. Based in Dudley.
7 -

Ecosulis Ltd.

Describes capabilities and offers expert services in ecological surveys, environmental impact assessment, and mitigation and monitoring. Based in Bath.
8 -

Environmental Data Services Ltd (ENDS)

Provides environmental intelligence for professionals including a directory of environmental consultancies with capabilities, qualifications and experience.
9 -

Marenco Environmental Consultants

Multi disciplinary science based environmental consultants. Lists services including brownfield assessment, audits and environmental communications. Northern Ireland.
10 -

Berry Marine Consultants

Marine eco-system services including development of environmental policy, assessments, conservation and communication programs. Located in Edinburgh.
11 -

Air Quality Consultants, Ltd

Offering air quality services for local authorities, developers, and industry. Expert witness at public inquiries. Based in Bristol.
12 -

Project Dewatering Limited

Offers development and operation of groundwater control and remediation systems through the world. Describes capabilities and past projects. Offices in Suffolk, Derbyshire and County Durham.
13 -

UK Air Pollution Information System

Information on air pollution and the effects on habitats and species. Complex database with detailed searches involving pollution types, species, habitats and issues.
14 -

Environmental Information Exchange

Oxford Brookes University and partner organisations provide information and support on environmental concerns.
15 -

Soltys:Brewster Consulting

Assess, plan, design and contract administer the creation of new landscapes and the restoration of historic landscapes. Services, staff and news. Glamorgan.
16 -

Two Tomorrows

Company that helps organisations to improve their performance and create value by adopting business sustainability practices that integrate economic, environmental and social management.
17 -

TTS Environmental Ltd

Provides consultancy service in occupational and environmental hygiene across the UK. Air emissions monitoring, noise assessments, COSHH assessments, local exhaust ventilation (LEV) examination and testing.
18 -

Mike Read Associates

International consultancy for resource management and responsible trade, aiming to find solutions to environmental and resource problems.
19 -

Phoenix Scientific Services Limited

Medical and scientific communications company specialising in written communication, training and support services for the pharmaceutical industry, the NHS and other healthcare and scientific organisations.
20 -

Paper Log Maker

Recycle your waster paper, used newspapers and junk mail into paper logs to save on fuel bills.
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