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Soil Association

Campaigning and certification body for organic food and farming. Develops and provides practical and sustainable solutions which combine food production and environmental protection and human health.
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Swansea Environment Centre

Promoting awareness of environmental issues, educational resources, courses and outdoor projects. Profile, membership details, diary, news, social media links. and contacts in Swansea, in South Wales.
3 -

Ffarm Moelyci

Environment Centre developed as non-profit-making, offering training in the practice and teaching of environmental matters. Profile with projects, facilities for hire, residential courses, news and sale of produce from Tregarth, North Wales.
4 -

Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research

Identifies and manages environmental research on behalf of members and stakeholders.
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Promotes sustainable transport with a range of zero-emission, electric vehicles. Includes information on models, charging stations, service and parts.
6 -

The Green Village

Blog with green news and articles.
7 -

Sea Watch Foundation

UK-based cetacean monitoring unit and charity organisation.
8 -

The British Land Reclamation Society

A multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary organisation concerned with the reclamation, rehabilitation and restoration of land, including contaminated, derelict and abandoned land from mineral working and former urban and industrial uses.
9 -

Grazing Advice Partnership

Partnership of farmers, land managers and conservation organisations that are committed to promoting the benefits of grazing with the natural environment and our cultural heritage in mind.
10 -

Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

Action and advisory group promoting the shift to clean low carbon vehicles and fuels.
11 -

National Flood Forum

Provides support and advice to communities and individuals that have been flooded and stimulates the formation of community groups in areas at risk of flooding.
12 -

SITA Trust

Supports community and environmental improvement projects through the Landfill Communities Fund. Includes information about funding available, projects supported, education activities and news.
13 -

Tackle Climate Change

Blog covering climate change news.
14 -

Wildlife and Countryside Link

Brings together environmental voluntary organisations, aiming to maximise efficiency and effectiveness through collaboration. Includes position statements and documents in PDF format, links to work areas, and campaign information.
15 -


The World Wildlife Fund works to conserve biodiversity and address threats to the environment by working with people for sustainable solutions.
16 -

Association for Environment Conscious Building

Promotes environmentally responsible practices within building. Includes forum and details of their magazine.
17 -

Centre for Environmental Strategy

A multi-disciplinary research centre at Surrey University. Research, publications and other resources.
18 -

Common Ground

Supporting local diversity across the UK. Provides details of projects linking arts and environmental fields.
19 -


Environmental regeneration charity. Partnership with local people, local authorities and business to promote economic and social regeneration by improvements to the local environment.
20 -

Grow a Tree for Me

Project set up by the Woodland Trust so that individuals and businesses can offset their carbon emissions by the planting of trees.
21 -


Provides UK-wide summaries of the weather month by month, plus day-to-day monitoring of several climatic variables such as the Central England Temperature (CET), England and Wales rainfall (EWP) and England and Wales sunshine (EWSS). Maintained by Philip Eden.
22 -

Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment

CSERGE is an interdisciplinary research centre based at the University of East Anglia. Publications, staff list, partners and other resources.
23 -

My Zero Waste

Details daily accounts and practical advice on how to produce minimal houshold landfill waste in normal family life.
24 -

The Green Britain Centre

Exhibition and display centre based on sustainability. Information about the centre, the wind turbine, grounds and facilities. Details for visitors, and of conference services. Swaffham.

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