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Biology Websites

The area for UK specific sites relating to Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Botany, Cell Biology, Cryobiology, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Mycology, Neurobiology, Physiology, Taxonomy, Theoretical Biology, Toxicology and Zoology.- Category ID : 166321
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Deep Sea World

The National Aquarium of Scotland. Find out about British marine life as well as tropical and sub tropical exhibits.
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Biology resources for educators, pupils and the general public from the University of Central Lancashire.
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BioImages - Virtual Fieldguide for UK Biodiversity

Large selection of pictures of organisms, mostly British in origin. Images are an aid to identification, showing different stages, states and views of the organisms. Search the database or follow a taxonomic tree.
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Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Homepage

Undertakes research, and monitoring in terrestrial and freshwater sciences.
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National Centre for Biotechnology Education

Offers educational resources and practical training for teachers in several European Union countries. Includes links on discussion boards, lab safety tips, and information.
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Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre

Provides seed from up to 200 different lines of Thale cress for academic and research purposes.
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Society for Low Temperature Biology

Promotes research into the effects of low temperatures on all types of organisms and their constituent cells, tissues and organs. Such studies have applications in a diverse variety of scientific fields from biology and medicine to engineering. Includes newsletter and archives.
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London Regenerative Medicine Network

Aims to bring together businesses and communities involved in stem cell research, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Includes details of meetings, links to participants and contacts.
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The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

Multi-disciplinary scientific establishment responsible for safeguard and enhance public health by standardising and controlling biological substances used in medicine. Provides information about NIBSC, biological standards and publications.
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UK Genetic Testing Network

Advises the NHS on genetic testing across the whole of the UK. Includes information for members of the public and for professionals, and on the laboratory services available.
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