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Agriculture Websites

This category contains information about the science of agriculture specific to the United Kingdom. Information about agricultural businesses can be found in the linked categories.- Category ID : 166315
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Macaulay Institute

Multidisciplinary-based research institute investigating rural economic development and the protection and enhancement of natural resources. Site provides details of research and publications plus information about the Institute.
2 -

National Institute of Agricultural Botany

Independent body specialising in agriculture, horticulture and food. It supplies a number of services including consultancy, training, and technical advice to governments, supra-governmental agencies, agribusiness and farmers.
3 -

Agroforestry Research Trust

A non-profit making UK body which researches into temperate agroforestry and all aspects of plant cropping and uses, including tree, shrub and perennial crops.
4 -

Royal Forestry Society

Information on trees, forest management and careers in arboriculture and forestry.
5 -

Forest Stewardship Council

Sets forest management standards for the UK and provides an information service.
6 -

Provides information on swine health and diseases, and safety of pork. Has nearly 1000 articles and links on the subject matter and has a book shop on pig topics. Includes coverage of 2001 foot and mouth outbreak.
7 -

The Royal Agricultural Society of England

Charity devoted to the advancement of British agriculture through good science and stewardship. Organisers of the Royal Show, the Town and Country Festival and The Amateur Gardening Spring Show.
8 -

Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

Details about the organisation that helps farmers and growers protect the environment, together with information for producers and consumers.
9 -

Low Luckens Organic Resource Centre

A non-profit making charity in north-east Cumbria. Site provides information about organic meat, foot and mouth, sustainability in farming, and local conservation programmes.
10 -

Dairy Development Centre

Organisation aims to develop the Welsh dairy industry through the provision of a technology transfer service and market intelligence.
11 -

Oxford Sandy & Black Pig Society

A society dedicated to preserving and enhancing this endangered breed.
12 -

Secure Your Fertiliser

Advice to farmers from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

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