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Humour Websites

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1 -

Comedy Online London

Stand up comedy and cabaret listings for clubs, pubs, comedians and comedy venues in London.
2 -

Petrol Direct

Spoof mail-order retailer of petroleum products.
3 -

The Domicile

Funny Thought of the Day, and humorous rants on subjects as diverse as dieting, old people, eavesdropping and how to recognise a piano.
4 -


Amusing translations of British dialects including; cockney, geordie, Irish, scouse, Yorkshire and brummie versions as well as the popular Ali G.
5 -

The Brishish Invasion Squadron

Based around a group of friends from Motley Fool message board after it went subscription only, with an ID parade, a selection of quizzes and caption competitions.
6 -

Feel Welcome

Joke art, comedy photography and very short fiction.
7 -

First Foot

Covers the myth, magic, beliefs and baloney, history, mystery and blistery feet upon the walk of Scottish life that is Hogmanay.
8 -


Spoof of scripts, magazines and celebrities, plus rants on a variety of topics.
9 -

Daily Reckless

Parody of a British tabloid newspaper.
10 -

Visitors can share their love of small wooden buildings, exchange photographs and discuss shed-related activities.
11 -

The Voice of Reason

A parody of the printed media and television.
12 -

Fact Sheep

Displays an interesting or unusual fact from an evergrowing database. Visitors can submit facts of their own for inclusion.
13 -

The Surrealist

Offbeat and surreal humour, animations and games.
14 -

The Daily Mash

Satire site offering parodies of news, politics and sport stories.
15 -

Bad Ads

A site about terrible advertising. Reviews of advertising that is currently on the television. Rate them on a scale of awfulness.
16 -


A satirical take on current affairs and news from the UK and worldwide.
17 -

7 Reasons

A daily list of seven reasons why things are so.
18 -

Gary Hogg

Comedy monologues and fairly truthful tales from the North of England.
19 -

Southend News Network

Spoof news from the Essex seaside resort.
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