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Occupational Health and Safety Websites

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1 -

The UK National Work-Stress Network

An organisation that aims to educate and raise awareness of work-stress and to improve legislation on health, safety and employment rights in the UK and Europe.
2 -

British Institute of Occupational Hygienists

Professional body for occupational hygienists in the UK.
3 -

Health and Safety Executive

Government body with a statutory role in protecting the health and safety of people at work throughout the UK.
4 -

Ergonomics Society

UK organisation for professionals using information about people to design for comfort, efficiency and safety.
5 -

Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Representative body with 25,500 individual members working in industry and commerce.
6 -

Occupational Health International

Offer a range of health and safety services for industry, including health screening.
7 -

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

National charity providing information about occupational health and safety as well as information about accidents at home, on the roads and elsewhere. Provides a range of fact sheets.
8 -

Company Health

London-based organisation explains a variety of services offered in medical screening and other aspects of workplace health and safety.
9 -

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Zone

Occupational health and safety information, guidance and resources to support the OHSAS 18001 standard.
10 -

Trades Union Congress Health and Safety

A range of information, background and resources for employees and union representatives.
11 -

PHC Occupational Health

Provides a variety of information and documentation, and offers a range of occupational safety services.
12 -

The British Occupational Health Research Foundation

Charity devoted to researching and optimising management. Contains details of research projects and guidelines for physicians and workers/patients.
13 -

The Occupational health company

Supplier of occupational health solutions to small and medium enterprises.
14 -

ECG Training

First aid training provider. Also provides resuscitation and manual handling training. Site includes downloadable theory pdfs and online booking forms.
15 -

Worklife Support Ltd

Site for social enterprise promoting wellbeing in organisations, particularly schools.
16 -

Adept Health Safety

Occupational Health and Safety consultancy offering a free helpline and fire safety department.
17 -

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Offers a range of professional, educational and membership services.
18 -

Source Testing Association

STA aims to advance the science and practice of emission monitoring, with related courses, including health and safety at heights, of stack sampling, risk assessment, COSHH, safe lifting, weather conditions, electricity and protection, generally run in Hitchin.
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