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Children Websites

This category is for UK websites focusing on the health needs of children.- Category ID : 164815
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CLIC Sargent

Charity caring for children with cancer providing support for families at home and in hospital from the day of diagnosis. News, events, publications and donation page.
2 -

South West Child Protection Procedures

Jargon-free and interactive guide for all professionals working with children and young people in the South West of England.
3 -

Avon Longitudinal Study of Children and Parents

Details of a Bristol based study into child health and development, including publications and presentations.
4 -

General Practice Notebook - Paediatric

Clinical reference guide, aimed at health care professionals. Includes paediatrics by system, diseases and conditions, and emergencies.
5 -

British Institute for Brain Injured Children

Registered charity encouraging home-based therapy to help children variously diagnosed as having autism, autistic tendencies and brain damage.
6 -

New Life Foundation

Charitable organisation caring for disabled and terminally ill children. Provides equipment to help individual children, nurse led support services, medical research funding, awareness and campaigning.
7 -

Child Growth Foundation

A leading charity focusing on children’s growth and endocrine issues. Offers personal stories, information for health workers and membership.
8 -

The Lullaby Trust

Promotes expert advice on safer baby sleep and provides special support for bereaved families.
9 -

Action for Sick Children

UK charity with a mission to ensure that healthcare in the UK meets the unique needs of all children. Offers event details, survey results and how to get involved.
10 -

Together for Short Lives

Provides information to families and professionals involved in palliative care for children with life-threatening or terminal conditions.
11 -

Patient UK: Information Leaflets - Child Health

Offers basic details about a variety of conditions, includes references.
12 -

Childhood Cataract Network

Support group for those affected by childhood cataracts. Includes medical information, parents stories and an events guide.
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