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Greece has a rich and diverse political culture and this will be reflected in the listings. It is expected that sites will provide reasoned argument and facts acceptable to the wider international community as well as to their own. Those sites tending toward bigotry will not be listed.- Category ID : 130778
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Hellenic Lines

News about Greek national issues, articles, polls and literature. (English, Greek)
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Research Institute of European and American Studies

RIEAS focuses on politics and security in Southeast Europe, with emphasis on Greece, Greek-Turkish relations, and Euro-Atlantic issues.
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Paremvassi (Intervention)

Citizen-based pro-European Union group promoting the modernization of Greek civil society based on Western liberal principles of public accountability in government and of informed, democratic citizenry. Site in English and Greek.
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Hellenic Resources Network

The chief goal of this organization is to open the lines of communication between the Greek diaspora and Greek public policy makers. Contains an extensive, organized collection of news articles and public documents pertinent to the national interests of Greece.
5 -

Kyrillos and Methodios

Aiming at better understanding and co-operation between the Greek and Bulgarian people.
6 -

Institute of European Integration and Policy

Profile, projects and contact information of this independent policy-oriented research institute, established by the University of Athens.
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Transparency International Greece

Non-governmental institution against corruption; includes mission statement, links, and contacts. [English/Greek]
8 -

Politics of Greece

Wikipedia article.
9 -

Greece 2003

Archive of the Greek Presidency of the European Union between the 1st of January to the 30th of June. Initiatives, programs and results.
10 -

Youth of Syrisa

Offers information about this radical youth organisation; includes profile, aims, announcements and contact details. (English, Greek)
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Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe

An international non-Governmental organisation set up to foster democratic, pluralist, and peaceful societies; includes profile, projects, news and publications.

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