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Government Websites

This category is be for sites related to the German government but written in English. Or for English versions of multilingual sites related to the German government.- Category ID : 126866
1 -

Auswaertiges Amt

Official site for the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Includes latest news, country and travel information, foreign and EU policies as well as terminology, forms and political archives.
2 -

Goethe-Institut e. V.

Information about German culture and politics, on learning and teaching German.
3 -

Federal Cartel Office

Prevention infopool search engine of the Bundeskriminalamt.
4 -

Senate Department of Urban Development Berlin

The site provides information on planning, building, environment, transport, monuments, and the Agenda 21 of the German capital city.
5 -

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany

Site giving information about Horst Köhler, his wife, the role and the office of the Federal President.
6 -

German Bundestag

Directly elected chamber of the German legislature. With information about the parliament, its members, organisation and legislation.
7 -

Bundesrat (Federal Council)

Chamber of the federal states. With news, people, data and facts.
8 -


Information about protection and national listing of new plant varieties.
9 -

Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

Includes events, press releases, committee reports, databases and research.
10 -

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Information about the ministry and its employees. Structure and aims as well as political aims, areas of work, initiatives, key projects, sponsor programmes, sponsors, information centres and publications.
11 -

Service Portal of Germany

The German Government and Administration prepares for the digital future with the e-government program. With news, projects and information about the federal ministries.
12 -


Official site for the German Federal Government. Includes information about the Chancellor, press releases and background information.
13 -

Federal Statistical Office Germany

Provides detailed and up to date economic statistics, as well as macro-economic and social information.
14 -

Choice of Study in Germany

Site operated by German Labour Ministry and Federation/Länder commission for education planning and research sponsoring.
15 -

Federal Statistical Office

Offers various statistics regarding inhabitants, area, education, health. Publications can be ordered.
16 -

German National Aerospace Agency (DLR)

Resource with updated details on national space projects and related scientific research. [Access to the English pages requires cookies]
17 -

Wikipedia - Angela Merkel

Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the first female chancellor of Germany.
18 -

German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW)

Information about the governmental disaster relief organization of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its statutory tasks include the provision of technical assistance at home and humanitarian aid abroad.
19 -

CIA - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Germany

List of government officials and their titles, updated weekly. Also includes the head of the central bank, ambassadors to the United States and Permanent Representatives to the UN, New York.
20 -

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

Information on environmental policy, nuclear reactor safety and protection of the countryside.
21 -

Government Commission of the German Corporate Governance Code

Presents the German corporate governance code. Code provides recommendations and suggestions to listed companies for good and responsible corporate governance.
22 -

German Foreign Policy

Portal on German foreign policy. Bibliography, newsletter, weekly look at the press and links.

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