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Government Websites

Sites in English that are mainly related to the national government of the Republic of Estonia. This includes branches of government, law enforcement, judiciary and military sites. Organizations whose goal is to influence government policy such as political parties can be found in Regional/Europe/Estonia/Society_and_Culture/Politics, while local government institutions (on county or locality level) can be found in their respective counties or localities.- Category ID : 125112
1 -

Estonian Road Administration

Information about roads and traffic in Estonia. [Estonian, English, Russian]
2 -

Ministry of Education and Research

Background information and policy initiatives for Education and Research. [Estonian, English, Russian]
3 -

Ministry of Social Affairs

Health, labor, social security. [Estonian, English, Russian]
4 -

Ministry of Finance

Economic reviews, tax policy, European integration. [Estonian, English, Russian]
5 -

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication

Drafts and implements economic policy with the objective to create a growing and competitive economy. Covers the Internal market, trade, energy, communication and IT. [Estonian, English, Russian]
6 -

Ministry of Justice

Information about the legal and court systems. [Estonian, English, Russian]
7 -

Ministry of the Interior

Provides internal security, protects public order and develops regional cooperation. News and information regarding activities. [Estonian, English, Russian]
8 -

Police and Border Guard Board

Information for foreigners living in and moving to Estonia. Handles work permits, residence permits and applications for citizenship. [Estonian, English, Russian]
9 -

State Portal - Riigiportaal

Gateway to state institutions and agencies. Single-entry point for individuals and companies to state services. [Estonian, English, Russian]
10 -

Chancellor of Justice - Õiguskantsler

Supervises the activities of public institutions and protects constitutional rights and freedoms. [Estonian, English, Russian]
11 -

Estonian Land Board

Description of activities, applicable legislation and an interactive map with detailed satellite photos of the country. [Estonian, English]
12 -

The President of the Republic of Estonia

Official site. Includes duties, speeches, constitution and state symbols. [Estonian, English]
13 -

Estonian National Electoral Committee

Publishes the results of all elections held in Estonia. [Estonian, English]
14 -


Parliament of Estonia. Official site with introduction, directory of members, committees, history of Toompea castle. [Estonian, English, Russian]
15 -

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Provides information on taxes, tariffs and regulations. [Estonian, English, Russian]
16 -

The State Chancellery of the Republic of Estonia

Provides support services to the government and the prime minister and information to the public. [Estonian, English, others]
17 -

The Government of the Republic of Estonia

Official site. Information about the prime minister and ministers, coalition agreement, state budget and press releases. [Estonian, English, Russian]
18 -

Ministry of Culture

Areas of responsibility of the ministry, legal acts. [Estonian, English]
19 -

Ministry of the Environment

News and activities of the ministry. [Estonian, English]
20 -

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Includes details of foreign policy, government and ministries, publications, press releases and EU relations.
21 -

The Estonian Patent Office

Protection of intellectual property in Estonia. [Estonian, English]
22 -

Central Register of Securities

Administers share registers for (listed) joint-stock companies and securities accounts. [Estonian, English, Russian]
23 -

Civil Aviation Administration

Includes legal and statistical information. [Estonian, English]
24 -

Estonian Air Navigation Services

A state-owned business entity responsible for air traffic management and air traffic safety. [Estonian, English, Russian]
25 -

Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre

Has responsibility over the registration of motor vehicles, issuing of driving licences, monitoring of roadworthiness tests and confirming compliance with technical requirements. Site describes procedures, lists fees and contact information. [Estonian, English, Russian]
26 -

Association of Estonian Cities

Structure and workings of the association. List of member cities. [Estonian, English]
27 -

World Trade Organization - Estonia and the WTO

World Trade Organization member information for Estonia. Goods and services schedules, trade policy and disputes.
28 -

Department of Prisons

Information about the Estonian prison system. A department of the ministry of justice. [English, Estonian, Russian]
29 -

UNICEF - At a Glance: Estonia

Basic indicators and statistics for Estonia concerning health, education, economics, women and children.
30 -


The center for state forest management. [Estonian, English, Russian]
31 -

Elections Committee of the Estonian Republic

Information about how to vote via Internet. [Estonian, English, Russian]
32 -

ID card

Information about the ID card, its uses and how to apply for one. [Estonian, English, Russian]
33 -

Estonian Rescue Board

Responsible for fire and rescue services. [Estonian, English]
34 -

State Nature Conservation Center

English version of the Nature Conservation Act. Overview of projects. [English, Estonian]
35 -

Security Police

General information about the history, tasks and structure of the security police. [Estonian, English, French, German]
36 -

Estonian Informatics Centre

Provides information systems development for state agencies. Backbone of the Estonian e-state. [Estonian, English]
37 -

Estonian Environment Information Center

Collects and processes data on Estonian nature and the state of the environment in order to provide information to decision makers. Includes information on water, air and waste. [Estonian, English]
38 -

Estonian Educational and Research Network (EENet)

Governmental non-profit organization with the task of coordinating and developing the computer networks for science, education and culture. Also manages the Estonian top-level domain (.ee). [Estonian, English]
39 -


An independent body with the objective to coordinate and implement different European Union programs and projects in the field of training, education, research, technological development and innovation. [Estonian, English]
40 -

State Agency of Medicines - Ravimiamet

National drug and medical devices regulatory authority for human and veterinary products. An agency of the Ministry of Health. [Estonian, English]
41 -

The Supreme Court of Estonia

Reviews the constitutionality of laws and other legislation. List of justices, constitutional judgments, detailed explanation of the Estonian court system. [Estonian, English, Russian, French]
42 -

Defence League

A voluntary military national defence organization which is part of the defence forces. [Estonian, English]
43 -

Ministry of Agriculture

News relating to agriculture in Estonia. Structure and departments of the ministry. [Estonian, English, Russian]
44 -

Estonian Institute of Economic Research

Gathers socio-economic data, processes and analyses it for macro and micro-economic decisions. [Estonian, English]
45 -

State Information System

Implementation of information society strategy, interoperability for state information technology projects and information security. Overview of coordination activities and publications. [Estonian, English]
46 -

Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority

Authority responsible for railway and industrial safety as well as electronic communications. [Estonian, English, Russian]
47 -

Estonian Competition Authority

Regulatory authority for competition, communication and energy. Policies and working divisions. [Estonian, English]
48 -

Financial Supervision Authority

An autonomous agency of the Bank of Estonia which supervises the financial sector. [Estonian, English]
49 -

Guarantee Fund

Guarantees bank deposits and mandatory pension funds as well as providing investor protection. Contributions to the fund and compensation scheme. [Estonian, English]
50 -

Place Names Board of Estonia

Implements the place names act and publishes the official list of place names. Also offers toponymic guidelines. [Estonian, English, Russian]
51 -


The Estonian national identification card allows all citizens to issue digital signatures and to use Internet based services provided by the state and several private companies. Site provides software for the card reader. [Estonian, English, Russian]
52 -

Estonian Road to Effective Defense: Civil-Military Dimension

Thesis written by Harry Lathein in 2002 for the Naval Postgraduate School. Covers national security planning and the Baltic Peacekeeping Battalion.
53 -

Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

Structure of the fund and information for employers and jobseekers. [Estonian, English, Russian]
54 -

Health Board

An agency of the Ministry of Social Affairs that deals with health care, disease control and chemical safety. [Estonian, English]
55 -

IMF - Republic of Estonia and the IMF

News, data and reports concerning the economic and financial situation of Estonia.
56 -

Consumer Protection Board

A national authority whose main task is to protect consumer rights and represent their interests. Links to relevant legislation and how to submit complaints. [Estonian, English, Russian]
57 -

CIA - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Estonia

List of government officials and their titles, updated weekly. Also includes the head of the central bank, ambassadors to the United States and Permanent Representatives to the UN, New York.
58 -

Bank of Estonia

Central Bank, responsible for monetary policy. Daily fixings, monetary policy, banking system, banknotes and coins and economic indicators.

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