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Horology Websites

Sites related to Horology, the science and technology of timekeeping. This category includes the theory, the history, the technology, the art and every imaginable aspect of Horology.- Category ID : 106106
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How The Days of the Week Got Their Names

A short history of the week and each day of the week.
2 -

Cumbria Clock Company

Company specialized in all aspects of work connected with church clocks, public clocks, and tower clocks which includes the full historical restoration of antique clock movements.
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Allan Variance -- Overview by David W. Allan

Core algorithm of international time scale has multiple metrology applications, from atomic clock frequency characterization to definition of the meter. Equation, explanation and publications.
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Daylight Saving Time

History of daylight saving time and how we use it to save energy.
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Pocket Horology

National chapter of the NAWCC dedicated to collaborative research on the history and horology of pocket watches.
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David Knight - Watchmaker from UK

Articles and pictures of the first two watches made by David Knight. Rich artistic pictures.
7 -

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

Organization of watch and clock enthusiasts.
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Horology - The Index

Horology is the science of time, timekeeping and timekeepers. Organized collection of links to horological websites globally.
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Leap Year Calculation for Year 2000

A response to a VMS problem report giving a detailed explanation of why 2000 is a leap year.
10 -

How Stuff Works: Time

Complete five-part explanation of time and how it is measured, including information about clocks, time zones, calendars, BC and AD.
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Richard White Clocks

Specialists in servicing, maintaining, restoring and repairing of tower, turret and church clocks. Provides details of their services, the automated mechanisms available, case studies and their news.
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