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Special Collections libraries collect, preserve, archive, and provide guarded access to rare, valuable, and unique materials. These materials can range widely and can include first or unusual editions of monographs; manuscripts; incunabulae (books printed in the 15th century); photographs; maps; realia (objects rather than printed or photographic material); materials focusing on a particular subject or historical era; or archival documents for an institution, organization, or individual. This category is for the web sites of Special Collections libraries.- Category ID : 105447
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Includes materials in a variety of languages plus a special collection of United Nations resources.
2 -

National Air Photo Library

[English, French] Collection containing millions of aerial photographs of Canada from the 1920s to present.
3 -

Eli Siegel Collection

Collection includes books on literature, philosophy, history, art, economics, and science, many of which contain handwritten annotations by Mr. Siegel (1902-1978). The Collection is open by appointment to persons seriously studying Aesthetic Realism.
4 -

The Rothschild Archive

Located in London, England, the archive was established to preserve the record of a family that was widely recognized for contributions to the economic, political, and social history of many countries throughout the world.
5 -

ASU Special Collections

Collection of rare books, manuscripts, and numerous special-interest collections centered around particular persons or topics of interest to scholars. Located at Arizona State University.
6 -

National First Ladies Library

Located in the home of Ida McKinley in Canton, Ohio, this library includes biographies, photos, oral histories, and other materials about U.S. First Ladies.
7 -

L. Tom Perry Special Collections

Collection specializes in the Renaissance and Reformation time periods.
8 -

Pitcairn Islands Study Center

A museum-research facility at Pacific Union College containing materials on Pitcairn and the Mutiny on the Bounty.
9 -

Josep Bosch Historical Newspapers Collection

A project to recover, restore, preserve and exhibit historical newspapers from all over the world. The emphasis is to collect newspapers published in the city or country where the event took place.
10 -

Vanderbilt University Special Collections and University Archives

Collection contains manuscripts, photographs, performing arts materials, and rare books in divinity, history of religion and Methodism, history of fine paper and printing, significant Mark Twain editions, a collection of 18th and 19th-century accounts by travelers to Latin America, Mesoamerican codices, and a subject collection in demonology and witchcraft.
11 -

University of Virginia Special Collections Library

Historical collection including a collection of letters, documents, and early printings of the Declaration of Independence.
12 -

An Gorta Mor: The Great Hunger Archive

Collection of books and art about the Irish famine, including digitized handwritten pages from the Board of Guardians meetings in Killarney.
13 -

University of Michigan Special Collections Library

A variety of collections including an assortment of ancient papyri dating to 300 BC. Papyri topics include Biblical fragments, religious writings, public and private documents, private letters, astronomical, astrological, mathematical, and magical texts.
14 -

Bucknell University - Sheary Project

Selected histories, genealogical data, newspapers, and civil war manuscripts from central Pennsylvania at the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library.
15 -

Monash University Rare Books Collection

Rare editions of literary and artistic works dating from 1476 to present.
16 -

The Islamic Foundation Library

Collection of Islamic Literature in Leicestershire England. Search the catalogue in various languages.
17 -

Sacred-Magick: The Esoteric Library

Collection of esoteric, occult, and magick writings. Monthly membership fees required.
18 -

UC Riverside Libraries Special Collections

Including media in a wide range of subject areas, including science fiction and fantasy, Native American history, citrus history and California history.
19 -

The Morrison Collection

A collection held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) containing Chinese books, manuscripts, and operas collected by Dr. Robert Morrison between 1807 and 1824.
20 -

The Jacob M. Lowy Collection

[English, French] Hebraica and Judaica, Rare Bibles, and Hebrew Incunables spanning several centuries.
21 -

Munchausen - Library

Private library for research concerning the phenomenon of Munchausen.
22 -

Misericords of the World

Photographs of misericords found in British and European churches, Cathedrals, Hospitals and Courts.
23 -

Filipinas Heritage Library

Electronic research center on the Philippines.
24 -

Mayview Manor, Blowing Rock NC

Brief history and an assortment of photos taken of the famous Mayview Manor, Blowing Rock, NC in the 1930s.
25 -

Research World History

Research articles and historic photographs.
26 -

University of Limerick Special Collection Library

Contains 20,000 items including maps, postcards, prints and engravings.
27 -

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North and South American maps and other historic materials.
28 -

The British Cartoon Archive

Catalogue database of over 85,000 cartoons covering British social and political history. Based at the University of Kent.
29 -

Margaret Herrick Library

Offers research and reference collections about the motion picture industry.
30 -

University of Arizona Library Special Collections

Includes four core collections: the History of Science Collection, The Fine and Theater Arts Collection, the British and American Authors Collection, and The Art of the Book. Located at the University of Arizona Library in Phoenix, Arizona.
31 -

University of Southern California Special Collections

Collections include Los Angeles regional history, American literature, Lion Feuchtwanger and the German emigre experience, natural history, and university history.
32 -

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Features one of the few original, remaining Gutenberg Bibles, a sunken sculpture garden and translucent marble "windows." Located on the campus of Yale University.
33 -

The Yale Map Collection

Houses rare sheet maps (pre-1850) and other map and reference collections.
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