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A list of readings on a particular subject.- Category ID : 94922
1 -

Bibliography of Julian of Norwich

Materials related to the "Showing of Love" from The Godfriends Library. Includes manuscripts, book reviews, and library links.
2 -

Eastgate Systems

A brief and idiosyncratic bibliography of hypertext, with an emphasis on storyspace and the systems that have influenced it over the years.
3 -

Bibliographic Resources Spain

Links to academic, history, literature, language and culture readings. Resources specific to Latin America are excluded.
4 -

Institute for Theme Park Studies

Books, articles and journals on the academic study of theme parks and amusement park tourism.
5 -

Dental Amalgam Research Bibliography

Features a listing of selected scientific research on the health effects of mercury accumulation .
6 -

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Features books, pamphlets, plays and articles by this writer and environmentalist, cataloged by date .
7 -

Economic Working Papers

Provides links to a range of online resources for bibliographies and working papers.
8 -

Mythological Booklist

Features a listing of book titles, authors, publishers, and ISBNs. Categorized by geographical area.
9 -

Is It A Book?

Bibliography of materials relating to nonlinearity and literature, concrete poetry, surrealism, film, the book arts, typography, and the book as a physical object.
10 -

Biab online - The British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography

Provides bibliographic references covering archaeology and the historic environment, and every chronological period, with a geographical focus on Britain and Ireland. The online service includes user accounts and records export options.
11 -

Oriental Institute Research Archives

Guide to introductory readings on the peoples and cultures of the ancient Near East including Egypt, Nubia, and Mesopotamia. Indexed by subject.
12 -

Eighteenth Century Current Bibliography - ECCB

An interdisciplinary bibliography of "long eighteenth-century studies" (1650-1800). Editor details, documents and guidelines for contributors, and subscription data.
13 -

The Evolution of Poker

Bibliography of books from the early 1800s to the present, sorted by date of publication, author, and genre.
14 -

The Bibliographical Society

Objectives include historical, analytical, descriptive and textual bibliography. Features membership, publications, fellowships and bursaries.
15 -

The Bibliographical Society of America - BSA

Scholarly society dedicated to the study of books and manuscripts as physical objects. Features membership, publications, meetings, and fellowships.
16 -

Bibliotheca Canadiana

Exhibition of a historical survey of Canadian bibliography. Includes the images and selected text currently on view in the library exhibit.
17 -

The Library

Subscription based journal of the Bibliographical Society includes general and economic history of production and distribution of books.
18 -

Oxford Bibliographical Society

Encourage bibliographical research. Details programme of events, publications and how to join.
19 -

Tennis Book Bibliography

Listing of publications catalogued by author, year of publication and publisher .
20 -


Offers a broad range of full text and bibliographic databases designed for research. Subject areas include: academic, biomedical, government, school, and corporate libraries. Requires registration.
21 -

Jazz Bibliography

Indexed listing of books and magazines with prices for which these have been recently offered or sold.
22 -

Bibliographies of the Hypertext Bibliography Project

Searchable database of a range of individual subject areas.
23 -

The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies

Records journal articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, dissertations, and selected government publications on eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Union.
24 -

Edinburgh Bibliographical Society

Focuses attention on bibliography of and in Scotland. Features membership, publications, and meetings.
25 -

Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia

Scholarly society devoted to analytic bibliography and textual criticism. Includes links to online journals and texts.
26 -

Bibliographical Society of Canada

Scholarly study of the history, description, and transmission of texts in all media and formats, with a primary emphasis on Canada. Includes membership, publications, and conferences.
27 -

Black American Feminisms

Includes bibliography of writings from across the disciplines, dating back to the early nineteenth century.
28 -

The NLS Annotated Bibliography

Searchable record of research based on data from all cohorts of the National Longitudinal Surveys. Contains citations and abstracts of journal articles, working papers, conference presentations, and dissertations.
29 -

Religious Studies

A substantial listing of links to bibliographies of use to researchers involved in academic study. Categorized by religion.
30 -

South Asia Bibliographies: Afghanistan

Listing of printed material from the library at the University of California, Berkeley. Includes links to related resources .

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