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Regional Websites

Records relating to a particular country or region or location. Generally these are preserved in official repositories and will contain records of the activities of governing bodies, among other deposited records.- Category ID : 94904
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Swiss Federal Archives

The official guide to the organisation that preserves federal records. Includes mission, organisation, events, opening hours.
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Danish National Archives

The state archives include the Danish National Business Archives, the Danish Data Archives, and the four regional archives at Viborg, Aabenraa, Odense and Copenhagen. Services, collections, genealogy.
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Czech Archive Society

A voluntary professional association of archivists that includes sympathizers from the ranks of the professional and general public alike. Aims and activities, directory of archives in the Czech Republic.
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Dutch National Archive

Leading centre for the study of Dutch history and culture. About the archive and the ancestors. Searchable online catalog.
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Links to archives in the Netherlands and Flanders, and to national archives around the world. Maintained by the Historical Centre Overijssel. [Dutch and English.]
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The National Library of Norway

The Library holds unique manuscript collections of Norwegian authors, composers, scientists, and politicians. Outline of collections, online databases.
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Spanish Civil War Collection

Documents pertaining to the war, Spanish exiles, and the Franco regime, held at Brandeis University.
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The National Archives of Ireland

Information including research and genealogical material. Online databases, including convict transportation records.
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National Archives of New Zealand

Current and archived online exhibitions and information regarding holdings of the Archives and how to access them.
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National Archives of India

Repository of all non-current records of the Government of India, held in trust for the use of administrators and scholars. Regular series date from 1748 to the near present, thought the collection includes some older documents as well. Included are public records, manuscripts and private papers in English, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit, Modi, Urdu and other languages.
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National Archives of South Africa

Searchable records covering the history and heritage of the country.
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Papers Past

New Zealand newspapers and periodicals from the 19th century. Digital images of over 300,000 pages from 20 publications, part of the digital collections of the National Library of New Zealand.
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National Archives of Singapore

Official website of the national archive, including information of the archival holdings available for public access.

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