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Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

Open forum to develop the Dublin Core metadata standard.
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Records Management UK Mailing List

A mailing list for UK records management professionals.
3 -

Archives Ireland

Portal site for Irish records management. Includes news stories, links to professional organisations, consultants and providers of professional services, downloads for relevant standards and legislation and impartial advice.
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Records Continuum Research Group (Monash University)

The Records Continuum Research Group (RCRG) is looking at methods of analysis which enable records to be controlled at different points in time throughout their lifespan. This includes the way records are represented, used, retrieved and disseminated. The group is also looking into how continuum models apply to information management and data archiving.
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Vital Records Protection

Dedicated to providing educational information about the protection of important official records from fire, disasters, theft and other dangers to risk management experts, small business owners, government officials, and corporate executives.
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JISC Records Management infoKit

This infoKit is aimed at people in Further and Higher Education who are new to the discipline of records management. The infoKit provides a framework based on a simplified version of the Australian National Archives DIRKS programme for managing business information.
7 -

Metadata and Electronic Document Management

Notes on metadata and data management (digital library and electronic document management).
8 -

International Records Management Trust

A non-profit organisation developing new approaches to the problems of managing public sector records in developing countries. Includes information on its educational, research and country project work.
9 -

MoReq Collateral Website

Project for the update and extension of the Model requirements for Electronic Records Management. The original version of this document has, in the five years since it was published, become a de facto standard for ERM and has been translated into ten languages.
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The National Archives: Records Management

The National Archives provides advice and guidance to records managers across UK central government.

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