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DX and Radio Groups Websites

This category is for radio clubs, listeners groups and organizations whose focus is on shortwave and DX listening hobbies at all frequencies.- Category ID : 93020
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ANARC -- The Association of North American Radio Clubs

ANARC, is the umbrella organization of radio hobby clubs in North America. Our clubs cover DC to daylight.
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Worldwide DX Club Weekly Top News

Featured weekly top DX news compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, with links to Worldwide DX Club home page and other services.
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Medium Wave Circle

Europe-based DX club features club news, publications, equipment reviews and links.
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Utility DXers Forum

Created to exchange utility radio related logs and information. Includes membership details.
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Radio Enthusiast

Provides links to many aspects of radio listening as a hobby, including shortwave, AM and FM DX, scanners, programs and radio reading services. Also local Puget Sound area radio.
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A collection of DX listening resources from veteran DXer Risto Kotalampi includes breaking news and DX tips, Latin and Andean DX reports, Medium Wave DX, solar reports and antenna topics.
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World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs & Listeners

The main aim of WACRAL is to promote and spread, throughout the world, Christian Friendship and Fellowship through the medium of amateur radio and short wave listening.
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Shortwave Programs

Discussion list for information relating to shortwave listening and international broadcasting. Requires registration to participate.
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North American Shortwave Association

Provides information about the oldest shortwave broadcast-only radio club. NASWA is a member club of ANARC, the Association of North American Radio Clubs.

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