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DX Listening Websites

DXing is considered by many as listening for the "harder to hear" signals. DXing covers large parts of the radio spectrum, and include monitoring or listening activities in the bands listed here with their alternate name versions. - Longwave (also known as Long Wave or LW) - Mediumwave (or Medium Wave, MW, AM, BCB, Broadcast Band) - Shortwave (or Short Wave, SW, SWLing) - VHF/UHF, TV, and FM (Very/Ultra High Frequencies) This category is for links to DX references such as mailing lists and reflectors, individuals DX pages, and other sites that contain news tips about DX and DXing. This category is not for Clubs and Organizations, which have their own categories.- Category ID : 93024
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SP2-0534 Poland

SWL resource features personal information, equipment list, DXCC, QSL and downloads.
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An Internet service concept designed specially for serious DXers who try to catch that station of the century.
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The DXZone

A large collection of SWL, BCL, CB, and ham radio links which are updated daily.
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Based in the midwest USA with 130+ pages of the latest AM FM TV DX tips and DX TARGETS, along with format/call changes, QSL tips, and other radio news.
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Radio/DX Information from Wisconsin

News and information about radio (AM, FM, TV, long wave beacons) in and around Wisconsin, directed to radio fans and DXers (long-distance listeners).
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Zona Latino

A large collection of Latin American radio information which includes links to stations and DX resources for Latin American DXing.
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Shortwave DX Information

News on international radio broadcasting, community forum, recordings of AM and shortwave radio stations, equipment reviews, articles and DXpedition reports from around the world.
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K-W Amateur Radio Club

Medium Wave and Short Wave DXing resources from the Kitchener/Waterloo Amateur Radio Club.
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Swiss SWL enthusiast shares station information, photos and links.
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Pirate/Free Radio

Pirate and free radio information, links, and issues at
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National Communications Magazine

A subscription only magazine devoted to the scanner, CB and two way radio enthusiast, with stories, product reviews, and topical columns, published 6 times yearly.
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Monitoring Times

Features on shortwave broadcasting, scanner listening, military, maritime, and aviation monitoring, and receiver reviews.
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HF Propagation Primer

A Flash movie describing the basics of HF (short-wave) radio propagation across the globe. With text and animation.
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HF Spectrum Monitor

A live view of the entire HF spectrum from a location in Southampton, England. Listen to a shortwave broadcast, view the spectrum over a 24 hour period.
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QSL Cards

QSL cards collection from around the world.
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