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Software Websites

Programs useful for amateur radio (ham) operators.
1 -

HAM Radio Software

PC based DSP enhanced reception and decoding for weak signal amateur transmissions.
2 -


Contest logging software, FAQ and testimonials.
3 -

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Open source hardware and software project to use software defined radio for amateur radio (HAM).
4 -


Macintosh digital modes software. Decodes and transmits CW, RTTY, ASCII, SSTV, FAX, ACARS, PSK31, HELL, DTMF and SITOR.
5 -

Black Cat Systems

Morse code tutor for the Macintosh, exam practice for hams in the United States, HF and RF Windows software.
6 -

Macintosh Amateur Radio Software

Mac satellite tracking, logging DX cluster, spectrum analyzer and PacSat protocol software.
7 -


Turn a Mac computer into a VOX operated audio recorder. Software desided specifically for unattended station recordings.
8 -


Rtty, cw, Pactor, Packet, SSTV, QRP and projects.
9 -

VE3SQB Antenna Designs

Programs to design some of the most common types of antennas and a some experimental antenna designs.
10 -

PSK31 Software

PSK31 software, mailing lists, information and links.
11 -

Bavarian Packet Radio Group

Contains information about BayCom packet radio hardware and software for radio amateurs. It also contains general information on the German packet radio network.
12 -


The main project of the FlexNet Group in Darmstadt, Germany is the PC/FlexNet package written by Gunter Jost, DK7WJ.
13 -

B&B Cyber Software

CW contesting software, custom programming and other software products.
14 -

SD Contest Logger

A fast and simple logging utility for major international contests and other events.
15 -

Logging and IOTA Software

Station logging software for the beginner and the seasoned DXer, with powerful addition tools for IOTA island chaser.
16 -

Shortwave Applications

Shortwave radio scheduling and QSL card manager software.
17 -

Norwich City Shareware Library

Amateur radio operator software library, including contest logging and microwave test equipment.
18 -

IRC Software

Icon radio control software.
19 -

DX Atlas

Electronic world atlas with gray line, azimuth projects for radio amateurs.
20 -

XPWare Communications Software

Advanced communications software.
21 -


Windows based general logging, contest-specific, and ham exam software.
22 -

HAMIC - Ham Intelligent Calculator

A simple and complex circuit calculator.
23 -

SQUIRL - Field Day Logger

Software logging tool for field days and contests.
24 -

Antenna Rotator Software

Universal antenna rotor interface for desktop or laptop computers.
25 -

Nu Software

NuMorse, NuTest and other ham radio educational and utilities software programs.
26 -


Amateur radio license exam training program for Mac. Includes all exam elements and prepares sample exams. Each exam is graded, and correct answers are provided.
27 -


Atpdec is an open source NOAA POES satellite image software decoder for Unixes (in particular Linux).
28 -


Field data log that will synchronize log databases across all stations. Includes technical information and download.
29 -

QSO Manager

HF QSO/QSL award management software with ADIF importing and exporting.
30 -

Soundcard Audio Tools and Toys

Free soundcard based audio applets for frequencies up to 20kHz.. Apples include: real-time spectrum analysis, frequency counting and instrument tuner and sinewave signal generator.
31 -


Programming software for Radio Shack PRO-95, 96 and 99 scanners.
32 -

ACARS Decoder

A free ACARS Decoder for Linux and Windows, plus a real-time ACARS server application.
33 -

CQ Log

Logging and rig control software. Includes full-featured logging of QSOs, statistics and databases.
34 -


CAT software for amateur radio transceivers FT1000MP, FT100, FT847, FT920, FT817 and FT897.
35 -

UISS Packet Radio

Packet radio software to communication with the International Space Station.
36 -

Ham Radio Logging QSO Manager

Free ham radio logging software based on Access 97 or Access 2000.
37 -

DX Spyder

Packet DX-cluster software.
38 -


Ham radio logging software with realtime operations.
39 -

Ham/2, OS/2 for Amateur Radio

A help site for amateur radio operators that use OS/2.
40 -

HAM University

A ham radio exam tool with questions for all three FCC written exams, and three ways to learn Morse code.
41 -


Macintosh DX-cluster telnet software information.
42 -


Narrow band teleVision TX-RX Windows Software for webcams and soundcard.
43 -

NDB Logging Software

Free NDB logging software and reception logs for LF radio beacons.
44 -


Logging and Morse code software for PocketPC PDAs. Also DX propagation information and ham radio resources.
45 -


Rig control and logging program for Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, TenTec and Alinco radios.
46 -

DX Monitor

Track DX spots from various sources and display them on Google Earth and maps.
47 -

CountyLog Software

Amateur radio logging software.
48 -

Slovenian Software

Ham radio software written by Slovenian amateurs, and features logging, printing and utility programs.
49 -

Antenna Utilities

Software to automate and animate antenna modeling and propagation predictions.
50 -

TR Log by N6TR

Contest logging software.
51 -

Advanced Amateur Radio Software Tools

HF communications analysis and radio related software and prediction tools for amateurs and communications professionals.
52 -


Software for monitoring and analyzing DX Spots.
53 -

Ham Log Book Program

Two free loggingprograms: Hamlogbook V5 and EZ HamLogBook V1.
54 -


Free toolbar for hams and SWLs. There are links, RSS feeds, DX spots, and many more features.
55 -

Ham Radio India Software Collection

Ham radio software and discussion board.
56 -


A Windows CE digital decorder for PSK31, RTTY and CW modes.
57 -

Spacejock HamTime

An audible alarm for when callsign announcement is due.
58 -

VO1PWF Ham Radio Software

A collection of Linux, Windows and PHP ham radio applications for antenna design, ham radio calculations, Morse code practice and other software.
59 -

GNU Radio

Open-source software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios.
60 -


Ham radio clipart and an Ohms Law calculator.
61 -

OscarDelta IP Packet Radio

Packet radio software to provide TCP/IP communications for ham radio operators.
62 -


WAS awards tracking and reporting.
63 -


A GNU GPL Linux logging program using Hamlib for transceiver control, Fldigi for digimodes and Cwdaemon for morse code.
64 -

K9JY WriteLog Contesting Software

Ham radio contesting software instructions and general contesting information.
65 -

Club Log

Web-based ham radio tools to produce DXCC league tables, expedition tools, log search services and most-wanted lists.
66 -


Antenna software that supports loggers, DX cluster clients, satellites and moon trackers.
67 -

Virtual Transceiver

Virtual amateur radio transceiver software for Windows, Mac or Linux systems.
68 -

N1MM Contest Logger

A free, open source contest logging program for phone, CW, and digital modes.
69 -

EnzoLog the Web Log

On-line radio contact log site.
70 -

Resistor Color Code Calculator.

Tool to calculate resistor values using their band colors. The calculator supports 3, 4, 5,and 6 color bands.
71 -

Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing software for turning computers into audio solutions for radio amateur operators.
72 -

HRD Software

Ham Radio Deluxe software, an integrated suite of rig control, logging, and digital communications software.
73 -

SPLAT! A Terrestrial RF Path Analysis

RF propagation software to analyze signal coverage over irregular terrain.
74 -

Radio Mobile

Free Windows propagation tool with support on other operating systems by Wine.
75 -

Amateur Radio Repository

Repository for Amateur Radio software, mods, circuit diagrams, service manuals and home-brew electronics.
76 -

RadioTelephone Tutor

Software to prepare for the FCC ham radio, general radio telephone operator license (GROL) and radar licencing exams.
77 -

Amateur Radio Station W5DJT

Offers Award Tracker program for ARRL, 10-10, CQ, HRN, OMISS, EPC, IOTA, and RAC.
78 -

Chris van Gorp PA7RHM

UIView32 add-ons, APRS, Winlink 2000 and other software.
79 -

DX Shell

Ham radio software for contests and everyday usage. Programs include DX clusters, Contests, Contest LogChecker, DXPocket, DXSpotter and ADIF Master.
80 -

Amateur Radio Exam Software

Morse Code and ham exam question software.
81 -

DX Contesting Software

QSL management, label printing and contesting programs.
82 -


RXCLUS a telnet and packet radio software.
83 -


Packet radio transmission software.
84 -

EasyPal digital SSTV software.
85 -


Amateur radio logbook software.
86 -

WINScanner Radio Software

Software to integrate communications with transceivers or scanners and a PC.
87 -


Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) Client, written for Windows (x86 and x64) and Windows Mobile (CE). It will also run on Linux and Mac OS under WINE, as well as other virtual machines.
88 -

APRS - Packet Reporting

Download automatic packet reporting system (APRS) software.
89 -

MM Hamsoft

RTTY and MMSSTV freeware software programs by JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori.
90 -

Abroham Neal Software

Home of DXbase amateur radio logging software and CX Cluster for Mac.
91 -

VOACAP Quick Guide

Manual for getting started with VOACAP, an ionospheric prediction software program.
92 -

Azimuthal Equidistant Projection

Online map creation using AZ_PROJ v1.1.6.
93 -

SH5 Contest Log Analyzer

Offers screenshots and download.
94 -

Swisslog Ham Radio Logbook

SWISSLOG for Windows, world maps, propagation prediction and links.
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