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Packet Radio Websites

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Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR)

TAPR is an international non-profit educational research and development organization focused on the issues of amateur radio wireless digital communications.
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S51RM and S53RM

Information resource for S5-PSK 1.2 Mbps BPSK packet radio station for 23 and 13cm (and 9cm), S5-70WB FM packet radio station for 70cm band and 19k2 to 76k8 bps, S5-PCC - packet communication card.
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APRS: Automatic Position Reporting System

Java Applet for Automatic Position Reporting System showing position reports from amateur radio operators in South Florida.
4 -

APRS in Switzerland

Provides information on APRS in Switzerland, maps and javAPRS live from HB9PVI and HB9BA.
5 -

Southern Oregon Amateur Packet Radio Association

Promoting packet in the mountainous region of Southern Oregon and Northern California.
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APRS-IS Information

Resource for javAPRS, javAPRSSrvr, and the APRS weather server.
7 -

APRS Florida

Server and repeater information, live Central Florida lightning and weather data.
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German access to an online station database. Includes APRS activity in Germany.
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Provides real-time APRS data in and around Napa, California.
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Karl Norton provides information about JNOS and AX25 utilities for Packet Radio on Linux. The site also covers the topics of homebrew, TCM3105, net105, and J-Pole antennas.
11 -

Amateur Radio Teletype (RTTY)

Provides information relating to RTTY and BAUDOT communications. Includes history, resources and schematics.
12 -

Northern California Packet Association (NCPA)

Amateur packet radio club for northern California area. Contains information on how to join, meeting and member details.
13 -

Introduction to Packet Radio by Larry Kenney, WB9LOZ

A series of eighteen articles originally written in 1988 to appear in Nuts & Volts, the newsletter of the San Francisco Amateur Radio Club.
14 -

NC7J DX Web Cluster

DX packet cluster for the Utah Contest Club, Layton, Utah.
15 -

APRS: Automatic Packet Reporting System

Contains links, downloads and maps of activity in the United States.
16 -

Southern Ontario Packet Radio Association (SOPRA)

Official site. Features details on the packet nodes and services provided by the organization to the amateur radio community, with frequencies.
17 -

APRS on Google Maps

Global real-time APRS map view, updates automatically without reloading.
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