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Nets Websites

This category is for those sites representing individual on air nets.
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Nightly Talk Around Net

Promoting amateur radio with in-depth information, contest and QSL frequencies, contact list, and links.
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South West Astronomy Observers Group

A group of amateur astronomers who meet weekly on the DuPage ARC repeater to discuss their mutual interest - eMail, IRLP and EchoLink participation are permitted. Reports, event notices and the experiences of check-ins are always welcome. (DuPage, IL)
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Maritime Mobile Service Network

Founded in 1968 and operating on 14.300, the MMSN is a network of radio amateurs meeting on 14.300 to serve maritime mobiles and deployed military primarily through traffic handling.
4 -

1721 HF Roundtable Group

An informal roundtable on 40-meters for all amateurs. Includes contact information and check-in times.
5 -

Golden Bear Amateur Radio Net

Provides membership requirements, events, roster and traffic handling information.
6 -

NWCC - Northwest Country Cousins

A directed net that meets each evening on or near the frequency 3970 KHz at 7:00 PM Pacific prevailing time. Includes officers, roster and links.
7 -

Yahoo Groups: The Insomniac Net

Nightly net on 70 cm, the Western Intertie Network (WIN) System, The Win System IRLP Reflector 9100 and on Allstar Link Via Hub 2560.
8 -

Columbia Basin Net

Operates on 3.960 KHz daily at 7:00 pm. Includes membership requirements, roster and photo album.
9 -


20 and 15 meters DX net for amateur radio operators.
10 -

Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship

Features club and membership information, a message board, photos and Christian amateur links.
11 -


Information, reports and members of the Euro-Net QSO on 80m. Includes technical articles and pictures.
12 -

Georgia CW Training Net

Morse Code training net meets daily at 9:00 pm EDT (0100 hours UTC) on 3549 KHz - 3.549 MHz. Includes Q codes.
13 -

Western Country Cousins

This net meets nightly on or near 3970 KHz at 9:00 pm Pacific time. Contains officer list, membership requirements and events details.
14 -


Gives times and history of the net which is based in Pennsylvania and New York.
15 -

Friendly 7.188 Net Amateur Radio Association

An association for Caribbean amateur radio operators and nets, with news, information sharing and net working. Includes list of repeaters, nets and a map.
16 -

The PowWow Club

Operates on or about 3.750 Mhz LSB at midnight EST - 05:00 UTC, from the end of September to the end of April.
17 -

Ohio Single Side-Band Net

Features net details, photos, links including to member pages and forms.
18 -

British Columbia Public Service Net

Includes history and operation of the net. Provides net control software and periodic database updates. British Columbia, Canada.
19 -

The Rotten Apples Group

40-meter amateur radio club; includes club information, roster, membership list, photos, and links.
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