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Morse code is a method of transmitting letters and symbols by using beep sounds. The most famous example is the SOS call which would sound like beep-beep-beep beeeeep-beeeeep-beeeeep beep-beep-beep. In written Morse code, this would be viewed as: ... --- ...
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Linux software for the ham community, specifically xdemorse, a GTK-based application for decoding and displaying Morse code signals.
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Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets

Includes Java and CGI translators, alphabets, and FAQs.
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Canadian Railway Telegraph History

History on Morse code, telegraphy, and semaphores.
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Virtual Bug

A computer-simulated Vibroplex semi-automatic Morse Code key, created with Macromedia Flash. It shows the workings of a bug and teaches the part names.
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Dedicated to high speed CW.
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The International Morse Preservation Society

News, contacts, membership details, and information for all Morse code users and fans.
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FISTS CW Club Code Buddy Program

Improve your CW ability or volunteer to help others as an on the air CW Elmer or student.
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Morse Telegraph Club

Dedicated to preserving the history of telegraphy, with forums to discuss historic usage as well as modern applications.
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Telegraphy Friends Club

Information for active CW radio operators. Features club information and awards.
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ARRL Country Code List

Official list of Ham call sign prefixes for all countries. Those participating in DX contests will also need the listed ITU and CQ magazine numbers for the various zones and regions.
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Society founded by the late Geo Longden G3ZQS, dedicated to the continued use and training of Morse Code.
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NW7US MorseCode Resource

Include operating tips, procedures, short-hand guide, and encouraging stories.
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Morse Code MIDI and Text Generator

Online resource to convert text to Morse Code, or Morse code to text. Results may be saved as MIDI file.
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Manchester Wireless Society

A club that teaches Morse for free. 5 - 12 wpm standard to get members through the test.
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The Art and Skill of Radio Telegraphy

Download site for a manual on learning, using, mastering and enjoying the International Morse code as a means of communication.
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A Morse Trainer using the Koch method

Training to learn Morse code.
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W1WC CW Links

amateur ham radio cw links and interesting content
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Prosigns, Q Signals and CW Abbreviations

Also includes a number of links of interest to CW operators.
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What is CW?

Tips and links re. to Ham radio use of Morse code.
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NW7US Morse Code (CW) Radio Center

Learning Morse Code the Koch Method.

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