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Homebrew Websites

Home brew is an amateur radio slang term for home-built, noncommercial radio equipment often using simple designs.
1 -

QRP and Homebrew by DL2YEO

Information about QRP transceivers, accessories, and other home made equipment.
2 -

Homebrew Spectrum Anlyzer Project.

This is an information page about a spectrum analyzer homebrew project based upon a TV tuner frontend. Much project related information is provided.
3 -


A large and varied selection of projects to build. English and Japanese text.
4 -

DL4MEA, Guenter Koellner

Homebrew projects, especially VHF/UHF. Includes high power amplifiers.
5 -


Mostly microwave projects.
6 -


Antennas, keyers, amplifiers and equipment for digital modes.
7 -


Many good hints and projects for the homebrewer.
8 -


Homebrew transceivers and other projects.
9 -

DSP-10 Project

2-Meter transceiver that can be built at home. Plans.
10 -

G0UPL Homebrew Radio, Electronics & Computers

Many homebrew projects for Radio, Electronics and Computers including QRP HF Radio, Z80 Computers
11 -

Projects and Software from KØEMT

Home brew projects and free software.
12 -

HAM Antenna Plans and Projects

Plans, pictures, parts lists for HF, VHF, UHF antennas.
13 -

Amateur Radio Construction Projects

Includes a simple CW station, and R1 - R2 DC receivers.
14 -

Technical Topics

Forum includes HF/VHF antenna projects, high power Russian GS35B RF amplifiers, mobile RFI solutions, and vintage radios.
15 -

RTTY - FSK/AFSK Interface and Diagrams

How to remove the so called "ground loop" and the reentry in the RTTY broadcast.
16 -

Homebrew and Electronics Tutorials

Indonesian amateur offers technical information, projects, manuals and links.
17 -

Crystal Radio and Tubes

Dedicated to crystal and old battery radios, including tube sets. Includes restoration projects and plans.
18 -

HAM Projects

Technical information for HF, remote-control and digital decoding devices, plus a CPU-based hardware project.
19 -


Homebrew site with a hf-mobile, magnetic loop antenna and duplexer projects. Also cable datasheets are available.
20 -

2 Meter Loop

Page contains pictures and plans for 2 Meter Loop for use on ssb.
21 -


Jason shares information on design and construction of a vintage 813 beam power tube CW crystal transmitter.
22 -

73 de WD5GNR

Information about homebrew electronics, PC boards, microcontrollers, Basic Stamps, and other aspects of ham radio. Projects, and tips.
23 -

Fox Delta Amateur Radio Projects and Kits

Homebrewing projects and kits such as DDS, frequency counters, LCD power meter, and sound card interfaces.
24 -

Site from Alan Yates, VK2ZAY, with his personal homebrew amateur radio projects.
25 -


Offers information about homemade audio amplifiers, RF amplifiers, auxiliary ham radio equipment including antenna designs and constructions.
26 -

Yahoo RFamplifiers Group

A forum for the exchange of how-to information about homebrewing RF power amplifiers for ham radio use, or for repairing and modifying boatanchor versions of same.
27 -


Amateur Radio construction projects including QRP, homebrew and kits. Special event operating across the UK.
28 -

LY3LP Laboratory

A blog with QRP, 20m, 6m and 2m homebrew projects completed with a SARC news feed.
29 -


Norm in Wisconsin has posted photos and details of his 6V6 QRP CW rig built in a cigar box and an 80 to 10 transceiver.
30 -

K5BCQ Homebrew

For radio enthusiasts interested in building and using the 1950s-60s era HBR receivers. Repair information for Heathkit SB-104, SB-101, and HW-101 transceivers.
31 -

AK0B Glowbug and Homebrew Radios

Pictures and article on building a QRP transmitter.
32 -


Notes, and archives about boatanchors, tube rigs, homebrewing, Heathkits and QRP.
33 -

Vintage Radio and Electronics

A resource for valve and early transistor portable radios. Includes a section with old circuits and original articles.
34 -

Ken Lotts AA7JC

Homebrew 40 meter CW transmitter and a QRP CW transceiver.
35 -

Bartlesville Kilowatt Transmitter

Homebrew rig from 1937, built by W5GAE, Preston Gaddis of Bartlesville, OK., who is now a silent key.
36 -

VE3XRM offers an electronic circuit library and photos of various radios in his collection.
37 -


Small collection of circuit ideas and projects by Paul Balaam.
38 -


Jim Garland offers a homebrew gallery, shows his vintage collection, and provides his biography and family pictures.
39 -


Bill Patton shares content on the RockMite QRP transceiver and the Heathkit GR-81 regenerative receiver, his history in radio and some antenna projects. Pennsylvania.
40 -

Amateur Radio Antennas

Offers a collection of antenna plans for HF and VHF bands, with assembling instructions, drawings and pictures.
41 -


Combination of news, views and podcasts. Main subjects featured are contesting, SDR projects, and radio related IT topics.
42 -

Yagi-Uda antenna

Multi element beam design notes and polar plots covering the 10m, 6m, and 2m Amateur Bands, plus one design for the 406MHz to 410MHz Radio Astronomy Band.
43 -

Amateur Radio Homebrewing

A collection of projects and resources for Ham Radio Homebrewing enthusiasts
44 -


Christoph Petermann with articles on making antennas and equipment.
45 -


Various receivers, transceivers and converters for HF to UHF.
46 -

F1FLA - X-Yagis

How to build big X-Yagis for VHF
47 -

Offers details on building an indoor stealth antenna and information on experiences with them.
48 -


Pictures, schematics and descriptions of modifications for vacuum-tube receivers.
49 -


Glowbug references from ARRL handbooks, schematics, projects, files and archives.
50 -

Klunky Schematic Editor Home Page

Intended for use by radio amateurs to draw small schematics, for small projects.
51 -


George describes his homebrew projects: a 40m CW/SSB receiver, 40m 100 watt CW/SSB/AM/RTTY transmitter, 75m AM transceiver and 600 Watt HF amplifier.
52 -

Portable Lightplants and Generators

Homebrewed alternators and generators with photos and details.
53 -


Offers some information and schematics including on longwave transmitters, and upconverters, QRP transmitter and PIC controlled DDS VFO. Also features pictures of non directional beacons.
54 -

80m CW Transmitter

6BM8 amateur radio rig with 8 watts output by G0UPL.
55 -

1937 Frank C. Jones Radio Handbook

Selected pages from the book
56 -


Homebrewing of transceivers, receivers, transmitters and test equipment. [Italian - English]
57 -

N6GN Microwave Link Page

Information about the Multi-Megabit/sec Microwave Data Link article which was first published in the December 1989 edition of Ham Radio Magazine.
58 -

RTL2832u based Software Defined Radios

Blog covering developments of homebrew RTL-SDR radios using the Realtek RTL2832u chipset.
59 - Ham Radio

Offers a circuit diagram of a 7 MHz SSB transceiver.
60 -

Radio Daze-Tools

Tools for homebrewers, including chassis punches.
61 -

Magnetic Loop Antenna Plans

US Radio Amateur Frank, N4SPP, presents plans on how to build your own antenna.
62 -


A multiband Yagi for 14.28 MHz. Technical data and a detailed manual in PDF are online. User reports and a kit service are available.
63 -

QRP HomeBuilder

Homebrew amateur radio receivers, transmitters, transceivers and accessories. QRP related.
64 -

HF Projects

Classic HF receivers and electronic constructional projects including a telephone exchange, spectrum analyzer, and homemade TTL computers.
65 -

Glowbugs Radio by UU1CC

Glowbugs homebrew projects, rare tube data, translated articles from the old xUSSR HAM-radio handbooks and magazines.
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