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Sharks Websites

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NOVA Online: Island of the Sharks

Information about sharks and sharkmasters.
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Gives the scientific names and general information about the species to be found in the area. Also gives advice for fishing.
3 -

Mote Marine Laboratory

Located in Sarasota, Florida and provides shark tank interactive camera, with information on sharks and other marine fish.
4 -

The Shark Research Institute

A non-profit, international, scientific organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks. The Institute provides consultants, speakers for schools, clubs and conferences, and serves as a resource for the media, providing slides, videos and data.
5 -

Shark Attacks

Information about shark attacks with photos of victims and sharks. Shark attack news section and discussion board.
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Gerber: Shark Gallery

Information on different species, Mediterranean species list and attack statistics. Illustrated with drawings.
7 -

Natal Sharks Board

Service organisation that protects beach users in KwaZulu-Natal against shark attack. Site has information about shark attack-prevention and shark research.
8 -

A Masterpiece of Evolution - The Shark

Biology, stories, photos, and links.
9 -

Bimini SharkLab

A field station in the Bahamas. Research information, blog, photographs and videos.
10 -

International Shark Attack File

Offers a yearly worldwide summary and articles about contributing factors, prevention and odds.
11 -

Informative articles about a host of sea creatures.
12 -

Apex Shark Diving

Worldwide locations reviewed for cage dives. Includes an article on finning and how to choose the best travel package.
13 -

Apex Shark Expeditions

A couple offering tours and cage diving in False Bay, South Africa. Offers information on the trips available and their television and documentary input. Sells photographs and includes blogs.
14 -

World of Sharks

General and species-specific information.
15 -

OMG Sharks

Detailed information per species along with a list of known extinct prehistoric species. Gives statistics for attacks, tour operators offering cage diving, a picture gallery of teeth and a list of endangered species.
16 -

Shark Attack Data

A complete catalogue all known attacks, using data compiled by the Shark Research Institute.
17 -

Shark Obsessed

General information, pictures and videos. Includes graphic attack pictures.
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