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Bats Websites

Non-scientific sites about bats. Especially watching, rehabilitation and amateur research.- Category ID : 89475
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Bats of San Diego

Home to 22 species of bats, page provides photos, information and rescue contacts for the local species.
2 -

Bats, Why Should I Care?

Article for students and teachers, addressing their public image. Includes links to references.
3 -

Incredible Bats

Introduction to popular myths. Offering presentations featuring live Egyptian fruit bats, with contacts for pricing and availability at locations in Illinois.
4 -

Flying Foxes of Bellingen Island

Information about the colony of grey-headed flying foxes found on Bellingen Island, New South Wales.
5 -

Last Refuge: Vampire Bats

Article on blood-sucking Vampire Bats and the making of the film "Vampire" for BBC by the film producer Adrian Warren. Image gallery of bats and other wildlife.
6 -

Friends of Bats

Includes information about bats from a bat removal and rescue firm in Florida.
7 -

Potential Effects of Global Change on Bats

Article by Michael A. Bogan, a Research Biologist of USGC, and Professor at University of New Mexico. Includes photograph, map, and resources .
8 -


Contains basic information regarding the benefits of bats, use of guano as an attractant, bat house placement and maintenance, hibernation, and rabies.
9 -

Rainforest Bats

Feature on the large-eared horseshoe bat, and spectacled, black and little red species of flying fox, living in North Queensland, Australia.
10 -


Collection of bat related links, from an author in Denver, Colorado.
11 -

Bats and Rabies

Information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
12 -

Carlsbad Caverns National Park: Bat Flight Program

Information for kids and teachers on population of bats, , with FAQ, news, cave tour guide, and conatcs in New Mexico.
13 -

Living With Bats

General information about the species in the state. Wildlife notebook article from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
14 -

Northern Bats

Natural history of species wintering and hibernating in a bunker in the North East Vendsyssel. Includes conservation initiatives, locations, calendar, photographs, Flash slideshows, contact form [Danish/English]
15 -

National Trust: Bats

Information on the eighteen species found in Britain, and those properties where they can be seen.

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