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Sites about urban exploration and groups located in Europe.- Category ID : 89431
1 -

Forbidden Places

Photos galleries and historical information of urban exploration sites around the world (underground quarries, catacombs, mines, abandoned buildings, military domains).
2 -

Deserted Farms in Black and White

Photographs of farms in Iceland. Taken by Nökkvi Elíasson.
3 -

Nikos Kantarakias Photography

Includes ruins, urban exploration photography from Athens, Greece.
4 -

Deserted Places

Pictures and descriptions of various deserted places in Sweden.
5 -

Abandoned Places

Photographs by Henk van Rensberge of abandoned hospitals, factories and other old buildings, derelict and overgrown.
6 -

Tommy van Leeuwen Photo Gallery

Photo galleries of urban exploration in Europe.
7 -

Chernobyl, Pripyat

Tour to Chernobyl exclusion zone. Including abandoned city Pripyat and vehicle graveyard.
8 -

Archive of Abandoned Buildings

Photos of abandoned places in Italy. Reviews of links and photo books concerning abandoned buildings.
9 -

Hadjek Studio

Urban exploration photos from abandoned places in Poland.
10 -

Urban Resources

A resource fund devoted to photography, architecture, industrial archaeology and urban exploration realized in close collaboration with
11 -

Exposed Photography

Photography of abandoned sites and forgotten places Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg.
12 -

Still Alive

Italian abandoned places. Mostly factories: textile, steelworks, brickworks, automobile plant, cotton mill.
13 -

Lost Least

Photo galleries from Italian explorers.
14 -

Third Reich in Ruins

Although more academic than adventurous, this site offers a collection of maps, pictures and snippets of trivia useful to those seeking military leftovers in Germany.
15 -

Industrial Archaeology and Cultural Landscape

Pictures of abandoned buildings and rooftops.
16 -

Flickr: European Urban Exploration

Photos of urban exploration in Europe. Disused, abandoned, derelict places, factories, building sites and sewers.
17 -

Geheimnisvolles Saarland

Urban exploration in the Saarland / Lorraine region. Photos of the remains of the dawn of the coal and iron industries and the fortifications along the frontier of the borderland between Germany and France.
18 -

Flickr: Hungarian Castles and Ruins

Castles and ruins through the Hungarian history. Add the history when possible.
19 -

Flickr: Eksploracja Polska (Industrial & Abandoned)

Photos that show Polish abandoned and forgotten sites and objects.
20 -

Plzen Historical Underground

Remnants of a medieval water system under the town of Plzen, Czech Republic.
21 -


Photographic journeys in abandoned buildings. Belgium and Germany.
22 -

No Place to Be

Images from the unseen and decayed world around you or the hidden places in your town.
23 -

Urbaniaanse Mannen

A small group of enthusiasts from the Netherlands who enjoy the art of urban exploration.
24 -

Diggers of Lithuania

Expeditions to everything from medieval crypts and WWII bunkers to Cold War hideouts.
25 -

Deserted Places

Photographs of places that are deserted by the people that used to live or work there.
26 -

Photos by Jose Cadaveira

Bunkers, tunnels, cannons, manholes, castles, arsenals, aerials... near La Coruna, the northwest coast of Spain.
27 -

Sandro Baliani

Artistic photographs of abandoned sites, like empty factories and flooded churches, near Venice.
28 -

Urban Visions

An site dedicated to urban exploration photography in Luxembourg and all around.
29 -

Urban Underworld

The place to find out what is lurking beneath the city streets. A tribute to the original site and explorers.
30 -

Urban Explorers

Urban exploration photography from different locations in Europe can be found on this site.
31 -

Danish Urban Exploration

Photos and talk about a book of urban exploration photography, recently published.
32 -

District Noir

Exploring and photographing abandoned factories, army bases, decaying buildings and hidden infrastructure.
33 -

Behind Closed Doors Urbex

Urban exploration photography and location reports from abandoned and forgotten buildings in the UK and Europe.
34 -

Urbex: Darbians Photography

A traveller of abandoned places documenting through photography the decay and hidden beauty.
35 -

Hooray for Decay

Urban exploration photography by Vincent Jansen.
36 -

Derelict Europe

Pictures of dereliction from Paul Talling. Locations outside of London, UK, and across Europe.
37 -

Exploration Central

Photographing in the UK and Europe.
38 -

Flickr: Historic UK and Ireland

Historic buildings, monuments or artifacts. Pictures from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire.
39 -

Dereliction Addiction

A blog about abandoned places, urban exploring and decayed places. Pictures from travels to abandonments in Europe.
40 -

Ghost Funfair

Urban exploration blog from Finland. Two writers, two hometowns and a shared interest in abandoned places.
41 -

Werner Schijvenaars Photograhy

Photographing abandoned factories, theaters, schools and buildings in decline.
42 -

Pigeon Eyes

The web gallery of urban exploring and urbex pictures by Italian photographer Pietromassimo Pasqui.
43 -

Christian Richter

Photographing abandoned Europe.
44 -

Urbex Team Unity

A French group of urban explorers with photography from European locations.
45 -

Sinister Suspect Urbex

Kaj van den Oord with full location reports of abandoned buildings and desolate places. Prints are for sale.
46 -

Eli Skårholen - Flickr

Nordic urban exploration. Hamar, Norge.
47 -

No Trespassing

Urban exploration and city photography
48 -


Personal collection of abandoned and derelict images from all over Europe and beyond.
49 -

Urban exploration in Europe.
50 -

Into the Shadows

A single-person project, dedicated to abandoned places, travel and photography in Poland and the world.
51 -

Lost in Time Urban Exploration

Jascha Hoste photography.
52 -

Precious Decay

Brian, in the city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Photographing in Europe.
53 -

Szydlak Likes Abandoned Places

Urban explorer, gravewalker, street photographer, miniature painter and traveler.
54 -

Adam Zajączkowski Photography

Urban exploration in Poland and Europe.
55 -

Bonus Level

Pictures and stores, mainly subterranean, drains, tunnels and industrial. Europe.
56 -

Forgotten places in Poland: industrial, forts, castles, bridges, traditional photography and HDR.
57 -

Truus Nijland

An amateur photographer: forgotten places, architecture and street photography. Holland.
58 -

Henk Bakker

Photographing industrial decay in the Netherlands and Europe.

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