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This category is devoted to a collection of web pages about an individual or group and their interest in the hobby.- Category ID : 89079
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Metal Detecting Connecticut

Photos of recent finds and relic collection.
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Photos of coins and tokens found in Baker City, Oregon. Gives coinshooting tips.
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Dutch Detector Finds

Photos of Stone Age, Roman, Medieval, 16th-18th century objects, seal matrixes, jetons, artifacts, modern jewelry and coins. Describes search locations in the Netherlands. Bilingual site.
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An Okie Detects Michigan

Tips on equipment, sites to hunt, jewelry markings, and photos of his finds.
5 -

Treasures of Santa Clara

Descriptions and photos of finds including old coins, tokens, jewelry, relics, old bottles and marbles. Gives tips and hunting ideas.
6 -

Passport to Treasure

Photos of finds, Minelab Sovereign and Sun Ray tips, Explorer sound clips, detector depth comparison test, button backmark information, and coin cleaning methods.
7 -

The Treasure Chronicle

A personal view of the hobby of metal detecting/treasure hunting. Treasure images gallery, equipment, links and clubs.
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Advice about doing research, obtaining permission to hunt, and choosing equipment. Includes Code of Ethics.
9 -

Metal Detecting with Vlad & Carol

Features tips and hints, cleaning methods, equipment reviews, descriptions and photos of finds, slideshows and a forum. Lists rules and regulations for hunting in Connecticut.
10 -

Treasure Hunting America

Features photos of coins, jewelry, and old bottles found in the New Orleans area. Includes accounts of prospecting trips to other locations.
11 -

Metal Detecting Around the World

Features articles, tips, a Minelab Explorer program, detector reviews and a photo gallery of coins, relics and other finds made by Sergei, an enthusiast from New York State.
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Weblog features equipment and book reviews, announcements, and stories.
13 -

Ancient Objects

Includes photos of coins and artifacts found in the county of Yorkshire, UK, articles about photographing finds, bottle collecting and contact information.
14 -

Southwestern Treasure

Enthusiast in New Mexico describes a typical day of detecting. Includes a gallery of photographs.
15 -

Metal Detecting In Germany

Features a look at artifacts found on battlefield sites. Includes World War II finds and treasure hunting articles.
16 -

West Jersey Detecting

New Jersey enthusiast Neil Schwartz offers detecting tips and hints. Includes photos, instructional videos, documents, and resource links.
17 -

Metal Detecting in the USA

Features articles and pictures about metal detecting, treasure hunting, and coin shooting.
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