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Letterboxing is a outdoor recreational activity which combines collecting, puzzle-solving, and treasure hunting. Briefly, letterboxing enthusiasts hide and hunt weatherproof containers in remote or scenic places. Each container holds a guestbook, a rubber stamp and stamp pad. The planter of the letterbox distributes clues to its location; solution of these clues may require a combination of skills such as mapreading, orienteering, and puzzle-solving. Letterboxers carry their own stamp book and personal stamp when hunting for hidden boxes. Upon finding a letterbox, they will impress their own book using the found stamp, and leave their own stamping or personalization in the letterbox guestbook. Letterboxing has its roots in Dartmoor, England, in 1854.- Category ID : 89071
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Have Feet Will Travel

Introduction, contact details, and guidelines for letterboxing in the Dartmoor area.
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Letterboxing North America

US-based portal offering FAQ, links, forums, and a members-only section where clues can be submitted.
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Letterboxing Minnesota

Includes letterboxing basics and clues for Minnesota letterboxes.
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Yahoo! Groups: Letterboxing USA

Discussion group for US letterboxers.
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I-95 Letterboxes

Clues to quick and easy letterboxes to find while traveling on Route I-95, from Maine to Florida.
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First Finds

Posts first finds submitted by new US letterboxers, organized by state.
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History of Dartmoor Letterboxing

Account first published as "More Dartmoor Letterboxes" by Anne Swinscow in 1986.
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Fox News: Letterboxing Makes Hiking an Adventure

Feature story datelined Oakland, New Jersey.
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Atlas Quest Letterboxing

Community with forums, searchable clues, trip planner, recording of finds, event listings, trackers, tutorials, photo galleries, and chat room.
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Dartmoor Letterboxing

Includes a forum, image gallery, map of the area, contact details, and the history of the activity.
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Yahoo! Groups: Letterboxing Northeast

Discussion group for the northeastern US.
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NPR : Letterboxing

Radio host Linda Wertheimer and Thomas Johnston, an enthusiast in Washington, D.C., find a letterbox near the White House. [audio]
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New Zealand Letterboxing

Clues, views, and news including boxes from Team Psychokiwi, Judi, Linton, and the Bunny.
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Kansas Letterboxes

Clues for letterboxes located in Kansas.
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Letterboxers Anonymous

Forum with clues and discussion topics. Includes helpful hints on methods and supplies.
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Mark and Sue Pepe

Couple from Kensington, Connecticut describe activities in eleven states and the island of Aruba.
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The Gazette: Letterboxing a Hobby of Inky Fingers and Hidden Treasures

Article on local letterboxing from chain of community newspapers near Washington, DC.
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Yahoo! Groups: New Letterboxers Group

Discussion forum and articles for those new to letterboxing.
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Aisling Dart

Artist from Salem, Massachusetts describes her boxes.
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We Live and Breathe Letterboxing

Accounts, photographs, and memorabilia of the 2008 event as well as an online recreation of the letterboxing museum.
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The Mapsurfer Treasureboxes

Challenging letterbox clues by Randy Hall, the author of The Letterboxing Companion.
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New Times: Carved in Rubber

Introductory article by Ashley Schwellenbach featuring a letterboxer and the founder of Atlas Quest.
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Dartmoor Letterboxes Club

Includes information and a map, also with catalogue of letterboxes.
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Letterboxing North America WebRing

Links to dozens of forums and clue sites.
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Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection: Letterboxing

Official site supports letterboxing in publicly owned state forests. Includes clues and a map of letterbox sites in state forests.
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Dartmoor National Park: Letterboxing

1854 origins and how to get started, related links with contacts in Devon, UK.
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Letterbox Stamper

Guide to compass use on Dartmoor, local photo gallery, design and carving rubber stamps, with examples and terms for sale by Paul Hopkinson, Devon, UK.
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