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Trapping Websites

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Fur Commission USA

A non-profit association representing over 600 fur farmers in the United States.
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Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.

Only trapper-owned auction house in North America, dealing in raw fur pelts on consignment. Includes sales information, market updates, conservation information, and links to other trapping organizations. North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
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North American Fur Auctions

Largest auction house in North America, dealing in raw fur pelts on consignment. Includes sales information, market updates, industry information, and trapper publications.
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Fur Council of Canada

National, non-profit federation representing people working in every sector of the Canadian fur trade. This includes fur producers, auction houses, processors, designers, craftspeople and retail furriers.
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The Fur Institute of Canada

Founded in 1983 to promote conservation, optimum development of fur resources, understanding of fur issues, and development of the most humane possible means of harvesting and husbanding furbearers. Includes newsletter, press releases, and information on humane trap research and development.
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Catch It Wild

Wildlife, nuisance animal, and bee removal. Includes services, photos, and contact details.
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Iowa Trappers Association, Inc.

Organization to promote and protect trapping. Includes news, officers, districts, and membership information.
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Furbearers Unlimited

An organization dedicated to developing, promoting and supporting educational programs based upon scientific, technical, and legal study and analysis for the restoration, wise use, management and conservation of furbearers and other natural resources.
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National Trappers Association (North America)

Organization promoting the responsible use of natural resources through conservation, education, legislation, and regulation. Includes political news and alerts, trapping regulations by state and province, convention, fur auction results, information on various furbearer species, and contact information. Also links to various forums, chat lines and newsgroups.
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Trapping beaver

Editorial discussing why alternatives to beaver trapping are not the answer. From the Log Cabin Democrat Sports (6/19/97).
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Rabbit Trapping

How to build and bait a rabbit trap.
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Wisconsin Trappers Association

Non-profit organization dedicated to preserving our trapping heritage and promoting trapper education.
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British Columbia Trappers Association

The BC Trappers Association is a non-profit organization which promotes sound, humane furbearer management through research, education and cooperation with other related organizations.
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Life in Southwest Virginia

Personal site featuring hunting, fishing and trapping in southwest Virginia. Also includes other hobbies including reptiles and aviation.
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Alaska Trapping Forum

An Alaskan message board dedicated to trapping, education, and information. Not limited to Alaskans only.
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Informational fur trapping site featuring talk forums, articles, news and alerts, photo galleries, trap setting examples, tips and wild game recipes.
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West Virginia Traplines

Trapping details and set descriptions for beaver, bobcat, fox and coyote trappers. Trapline photos and instructions from West Virginia trapper Tony Dingess.
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Wild pig removal service offers information about hogs and how to build a trap, pictures, and a description of their methods.
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The Vermont Trappers Association (USA)

Conservation, preservation, and education in support of fur trappers in Vermont.
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KanOkla Fur Company

KanOkla Fur Company is a licensed fur buyer, paying top dollar for wild furs.
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Trapping Adventures of Gary "the Beav" Mather

Personal site. Trapping adventures in Canada and the South.
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Learn from an Alaskan trapper how to build your own snares.
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