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Falconry Websites

Falconry is the sport of hunting wild quarry with trained Falcons, Hawks and Eagles. This ancient sport is alive and well and can be found being practiced in most countries. In the United States the sport is highly regulated at both the State and Federal level. Other countries also maintain a permit systems to legally hunt with and house a Raptor. As with any hunting sport, always check with your local government on the legalities pertaining to the sport.- Category ID : 88819
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Italian Falconry Portal

Photos, videos, links, chat and information about falconry in Italy.
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Cheshire Falconry Centre

Find out about displays with birds of prey including Eagles, Owls, Kestrels, and Hawks.
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Gauntlet Birds of Prey

Specializing in courses and educational presentations for schools. Includes details, prices and contact information. Located in Knutsford, Cheshire, UK.
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Yarak Birds of Prey

Based in Langford, near Cullompton Devon, offering advice on falconry, raptor rescue, falconry equipment, and courses.
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Dartmoor Hawking

Offering displays, 1/2 day experience, hunting days, talks and educational presentations. Includes booking and contact information. Based in Dartmoor National Park, UK.
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The International Centre for Birds of Prey

Probably the most significant collection of Birds of Prey in the world, with around 300 birds of prey and owls. Leading the world in captive breeding, having bred 50 species so far.
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The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre

A collection of over 50 birds of prey for you to see, with regular flying displays.
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The Coniston Falconry Centre

Promoting the ancient art of falconry through a full series of hands-on and interactive displays, events and courses. Includes details and contact information. Located in The Coniston Hall Estate near Skipton North Yorkshire, UK.
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Independent Bird Register

Reunites lost, found, and stolen hawks, falcons, and owls. They issue uniquely-numbered rings for all birds of prey. Based in Warwick, UK.
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Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre

Falconry centre near to loch lomond run by Stewart Robertson
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Isle of Skye Falconry

Features a range of birds from around the world, from a barn owl to an African Lanner falcon. Provides flying demonstrations and displays, courses, hawk walks and informative talks. Includes details, photos and contact information. Located in Kensaleyre.
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Pacific Northwest Raptors

Specializes in training and working with captive-bred birds of prey, training their handlers and in educating the public about raptors.
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Skyhigh Falconry

Traveling display of birds of prey located in Scotland. Falconry displays for any event, at any venue. Birds of prey for film and television productions.
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The American Gamehawker

Includes "getting started" information, links, gallery, bookstore and other information of value for those interested in the Falconry in the USA.
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Alaska Falcons

White and Silver Gyrfalcons owned by Falconer Lee Merrick. Includes contact information and photographs.
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Perthshire Falconry Services

Scotland Falconry school. Full information on all 21 species of British bird of prey, photos, bird calls, information on services and their breeding program
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The Modern Apprentice

Resource for falconers and raptor enthusiasts. Offers information on falconry, raptor care, health, and training.
18 -

International Falconry Forum

A public discussion site for sharing knowledge and experience, helpline to track lost birds, and breeders showcase.
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Devon Bird of Prey Centre

Offers demonstrations and classes for beginner falconers. Provides description of services, photos, and events schedule.
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UK Falconry - Countryside Hawking

Offering educational visits, displays, courses, photos, booking and contact information.
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North American Falconers Exchange

A Falconry Discussion Forum aimed at bringing falconers together.
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Steve Wright Falconry

Details of Falconry Displays, Corporate Events and Hands-on Hawking Activities. Lists of books, articles.
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Amews Falconry

Lantra accredited centre for training in Hampshire, UK. Find out about courses, hunting days, and events.
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American Kestrels in Falconry

Site for falconers to see some American Kestrels in action. Kestrel videos, falconry info, games and links.
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Falconry experience site with details of services offered, contact pages, gallery and links.
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Falconry Forum

Forum for falconers of all levels to talk about the sport.
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Apprentice Falconry Forums

Active falconry message boards with topics from finding a sponsor to health and training.
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Birds of Prey by Accipiter Enterprises

Renaissance Faire falcon shows, public awareness lectures and demonstrations, falconry apprentice program, and workshops.
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Ridgeside Falconry

Mobile Falconry display team. Also pest control and tuition.
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North Somerset Bird Of Prey Centre

Provides information about visiting the centre, its educational and therapy work and commercial services including wedding days and Film/TV work.

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