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Geocaching is an activity where an individual or team uses a global positioning system (GPS) to locate different treasures, otherwise known as caches. Caches are usually placed in wooded area of parks, or areas that are off the beaten path. Seekers then use the latitude and longitude of the item locate the cache. In most cases caches are some type of container that you leave an item in, and then take and item out of. Caches also frequently have logs to sign and/or cameras to document those who found it.- Category ID : 88605
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Allows geocachers to see whether they have found the correct coordinates for a puzzle cache. Requires JavaScript. FAQ, information for cache owners.
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Geocaching Rank Stat Bar

Alternate statistics graphic displays rank by number of caches found, compared with other geocachers in same state (U.S.), country, Europe, world.
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Rankings for Geocachers with 200 or More Finds

Cachers around the world ranked by number of finds. Also rankings for U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and nations. Includes FAQ.
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Includes large database on caches to hunt down, along with general information on geocaching. Enables to hide and seek a cache, find a benchmark or trackable items.
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Provides a wide range of information and listing resources for the geocaching enthusiast including worldwide cache listing.
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A special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth.
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Geocache Rating System

Tool for helping geocachers rate the overall and terrain difficulty of their hidden caches.
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Caches rated by members to encourage memorable and challenging hunts. Includes a wiki, map, and how to become a member section.
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Aims to improve the accessibility of geocaching for physically handicapped people all over the world.
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Features a variety of games involving use of GPS receivers, including geocaching, geodashing, minutewar, geopoker and geogolf.
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A weekly audio show about geocaching.
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Features a glossary of geocaching terms.
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The Geocachers Creed

Designed to help orient new players to the ethos of the community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations.
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Provides tools for you to catalog, mark­ and visit interesting and useful locations around the world.
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GeoCaching Flickr Group

Brings related pictures, discussions and a map.
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Boulter Geocaching

Has several useful tools such as coordinate converter and mapper, quick search, coordinate grabber, distance calculator, Bay Area geocaching leaders, expertGPS calibrated maps and geocaching express logger.
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Podcast features recorded interviews with geocachers. Some video episodes.
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My Geocaching

Allows geocachers to create a detailed geocaching profile that displays their cache statistics and special accomplishments in a clear, attractive layout.
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Links to national opencaching sites, and a forum. Network of geocache databases.
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Video tutorials on geocaching, by HeadHardHat. Topics include basic information for new cachers, good and bad containers, winter caching, making caches.
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Checks solutions to puzzle caches. Can accept coordinates that are "close enough" if the cache hider wants. No registration required. FAQ, help turning the cache description into HTML.
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Allows geocachers to confirm the answer to a puzzle. Options for cache owners, list of some difficult puzzles.
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Caching Tree

A way to visualize who introduced whom to geocaching. Requires Java. Links to profiles. Unreadable in smaller monitors.

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